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Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Oracle goes cloud mad, launching 10 new products and Database as a Service

Oracle announced a brace of new cloud products and services today, pushing versions of many of its existing services into the cloud and crowning the announcements with Database as a Service, revealed this afternoon by VP of product development, Thomas Kurian, in the absence of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. The morning’s announcements included Compute Cloud, which provides elastic compute capabilities ... Read More »

IBM IOD 2013: IBM gets serious about big data with a brace of new product announcements

IBM kicked off its IOD 2013 conference in Las Vegas today by launching several new big data analytics-based products. The company announced an expansion to its BLU Acceleration offering, with new software that it says “will enable clients to apply foundational elements of cognitive intelligence throughout their IT infrastructure”. It also announced IBM SmartCloud Analytics – Predictive Insights, which it ... Read More »

Danger lurks in the shadows: the darker side of collaboration

Shadow IT – the bypassing of the IT department by employees who set up their own systems – is the inevitable consequence of the ease of use and quick deployment enabled by the cloud. Given the choice between waiting for days or weeks for the IT department to configure the CRM system to suit their needs, or ordering something over ... Read More »

The threat to internet security from quantum computing

The heady, Bondesque combination of espionage and quantum computing proved irresistible to headline writers everywhere. “NSA racing to build quantum computer that would open the door to easily breaking the strongest encryption tools in the world” panted the Daily Mail in one example. “I’d be amazed if they weren’t working on it,” said Professor Alan Woodward of Surrey University, listing ... Read More »

Moore’s Law can’t help us now – big data processing and the drain on energy supplies

The volume of data passing through data centres is ballooning. According to some estimates, 100 times more data will be processed in 2020 than in 2010. This growth far outstrips the rate at which IT is becoming more energy efficient, meaning that the server stack needs a complete overhaul along the lines of recent improvements to mobile devices if an ... Read More »

"What VMware was to server virtualisation we want to be to network virtualisation"

Dave Ginsburg, CMO at Pluribus Networks, a US networking start-up that announced its EMEA launch today, does not like the label “software defined networking (SDN)”. “It’s an overloaded term. There are still a lot of people with their own interpretation of what it means, and people are sceptical about whether there is any real revenue generation going on,” he told ... Read More »

UCAS sticks with HP to manage spike in demand on A-Level results day

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admission Service, is to continue using HP Performance Center to help to ensure that its website can cope with the strain of A-Level results day. Anyone wishing to study for an undergraduate degree in the UK must submit an application through UCAS’s website. The service is active all year round, but during the week of ... Read More »

Hadoop is ‘the biggest paradigm shift in a lifetime’ MapR CMO

Hadoop has been much in the news of late with the multi-million dollar investments in Hadoop distributors Cloudera and Hortonworks. Along with analyst predictions that the market for the open source big data platform will be worth tens of billions in a few years, evidence is mounting that it is now being taken very seriously indeed. Often mentioned in the ... Read More »

ITV shows BBC how to shift from tapes to digital – using agile

ITV has put part of the BBC’s failed £98m Digital Media Initiative (DMI) to shame, as it has shifted from physical tapes to digital formats successfully to increase efficiency and save costs using agile. The organisation’s technology controller of online, pay interactive  Paul Clark told delegates at the Nimbus Ninety’s IGNITE conference that it would not be fair to say ... Read More »

Datacentres Europe 2014: Machine learning is the future of PUE, says Google

Is Xbox One finally getting Office 365? Read More »

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