Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB review

Seagate remains one of the biggest names in storage and even with the rise of cloud storage, there’s still call for a reliable portable hard drive. Here’s our Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB review. See all storage reviews. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB review: Price and design As with many hard drives, the Backup Slim is available in a range ... Read More »

Stop the revolution! Flash set to displace the spinning disk

When technology hits an inflection point, sudden and fast change is guaranteed, which inevitably means that organisations that fail to move quickly enough will get left behind. The only question is over when that shift occurs – an answer that is usually dictated by price. And such a revolution is happening in storage now, where solid-state disks (SSDs) are poised ... Read More »

7 best portable hard drives 2015 UK

We review the top 7 best portable hard drive available to buy in the UK in 2015. (See all storage reviews.) Solid-state storage may be sexy, but if you’re looking for huge capacity and tiny prices, then the classic hard disk remains unbeaten. Available capacities of portable drives with laptop-style disks inside now extends up to a whopping 2000GB, more commonly referred to ... Read More »

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines picks Citrix to consolidate cloud and mobile data centre operations

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has deployed Citrix cloud and mobile infrastructure in order to provide a faster, more reliable IT system for its call-centre employees across the world. The rollout has enabled the company to lower the cost of its existing data centre operations, while also providing the ability to rapidly provision new call centres based upon business requirements. The ... Read More »

Amazon unveils AWS Internet of Things platform for connecting cloud devices

Amazon Web Services has announced AWS IoT, its own Internet of Things service to connect billions of devices to the cloud and to each other. The announcement comes as Microsoft Azure chief technology officer Mark Russinovich told Computing that Azure offers more than AWS, especially when it comes to hybrid cloud. AWS’s new platform is designed to make it simpler ... Read More »

Imation Link Power Drive review: Add storage & battery life to iPhone

The Imation Link Power Drive is one of the most useful iPhone accessories we’ve come across, offering extra- and secure storage for your photos, video, music, documents and more, and boosting iPhone battery life by providing a full charge away from the mains. Also see: Best power banks 2015. When Apple introduced its iPhone 6 it removed the 32GB storage option. ... Read More »

British Airways selects Juniper Networks for private cloud infrastructure

British Airways has announced plans to build a private cloud data centre using Juniper Networks technology. Many of the operations that underpin the daily activities of British Airways, such as ticketing, check-in and baggage tracking, will be run using the new private cloud infrastructure, which will be based on Juniper Networks’ MetaFabric architecture The Juniper Networks deal with British Airways ... Read More »

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