Monday , 24 September 2018
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More Than A Selfie App, Shots Produces Original Videos With Puppets (And Bieber)

Shots has been pigeonholed since birth. First it was dismissed as just a startup funded by Justin Bieber. Then it was laughed at for being an app just for selfies. But after 2 years, $15.2 million raised, and almost 10 million sign-ups, Shots refuses to die. In fact, it’s branching out. Today the company released the first of a series ... Read More »

Raise Your Seed Round By Treating Investors As Team Members

The psychology of seed-stage investing is complex. As the one raising money, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating the process like a transaction. But at the seed stage, neither investors nor the startups can make accurate predictions on numbers alone. Investors look for other data points to evaluate the opportunity, such as the strength of the team ... Read More »

The White House Is Ready For Tech To Step Up In Government

It’s no secret that the tech community has historically reacted with hesitation at the thought of collaborating with the public sector, what with the red tape, bureaucratic processes, lengthy sales cycles and a generally poor standard of implemented technology (remember before Marketplace Lite?). Clashes with Uber and Airbnb have created an image of our government as the hard-fisted guardian ... Read More »

Selling Private Company Shares 2.0

Congratulations, you now own stock in a private company… but can you sell any of it? The considerations that go into answering this question have changed over time as the process for selling private company shares in the secondary market has become more restrictive. In the nascence of the secondary market, companies imposed fairly limited restrictions on these types of sales. The formula to sell shares was relatively straightforward, in that you could ... Read More »

Let’s Talk About The Square IPO

Square has finally filed to go public. The financials are all over the place, founder and CEO Jack Dorsey owns a ton of the company, the Starbucks deal is over — and Dorsey’s listed as a risk factor due to his relationship with Twitter. Basically, there’s a lot going on. We sat down for a bit to talk about what’s important ... Read More »

Four Reasons Why Sports Startups Are Scoring Big

When a professional sports team wins a title, it makes the front page of The New York Times. When Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, controversially may (or may not) have deflated some footballs during a crucial game against the Indianapolis Colts, it was reported by every news media and became a trending topic on Twitter. Ask any sports ... Read More »

What Los Angeles Is Missing

L.A. tech has clearly hit its growth inflection point, but the City of Angels has yet to get its startup wings. Here’s the good news: In 2014 alone, we raised more than $3 billion, saw more than $5 billion realized capital across over 80 exits and became the fastest growing startup region in the U.S. We’ve all seen the numbers, press and discussion about ... Read More »

Lyft Announces ‘Instant’ Driver Payments Alongside Hertz And Shell Partnerships

Hundreds of Lyft’s top drivers and a couple dozen press crowded into Lyft headquarters today to hear the peer-to-peer ridesharing network rolled out a bunch of announcements meant to make life easier for its drivers – including cheaper gas, lower car rental prices and a real-time payment system that allows drivers to cash out and transfer Lyft ride payments when they ... Read More »

Trove Lets You Customize Gold and Silver Jewelry Using 3D Printing

Launching today, Trove is a platform that lets users customize and buy personalized, 3D-printed jewelry. Based in NYC, the company has raised a $640k seed round from Resolute Ventures and Uprise Ventures. Although 3D printing has started to become a viable way to manufacture products in certain industries, the technology hasn’t yet become a serious manufacturing method for most consumer goods. This is because most parts ... Read More »

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