Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Fat Lama, a online marketplace for renting out things we own, raises $10M

Fat Lama, a startup that offers a entirely insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace for roughly anything, is removing a small fatter. The London-based association has lifted $10 million in Series A appropriation in a turn led by Ophelia Brown’s recently outed Blossom Capital, with appearance from Niklas Zennström’s Atomico and existent devotee Y Combinator. Aiming to do for rentals what eBay ... Read More »

BigCommerce raises $64 million to build e-commerce sites

Austin, Texas-based BigCommerce has finished a vast turn of funding. The expansion theatre startup, that builds e-commerce sites for Sony, Toyota and 60,000 other merchants, has lifted $64 million to accelerate a business. The investment was led by Goldman Sachs, with appearance from General Catalyst, GGV Capital and Tenaya Capital. And it brings BigCommerce’s sum lifted to over $200 million since ... Read More »

New investigate shows successful founders are distant comparison than a Valley stereotype

There is a classical classify of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur: mostly a mechanism scholarship nerd, roughly positively male, desirous and, many importantly, immature — unequivocally young. Founders who have been lonesome extensively by a media, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, started their companies still glimpsing their teenage years, and that repute has widespread widely opposite a industry. ... Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg: “We do not sell information to advertisers”

While many of us in a tech universe are informed with Facebook’s business model, there is a common myth among people that Facebook collects information about we and afterwards sells that information to advertisers. Zuckerberg wants everybody (especially a U.S. Senate) to know that’s not a case, and has laid onward a many elementary instance to explain it. During his ... Read More »

Bedrock Capital raises $122M to account startups that reject required wisdom

Most investors don’t like to acknowledge that they’re chasing a latest buzzwords or fads or prohibited companies, yet a new organisation called Bedrock Capital says it’s on a goal to do a accurate conflicting — founders Geoff Lewis and Eric Stromberg told me they’re acid for “narrative violations.” So rather than usually essay a check for a subsequent association in ... Read More »

Data is not a new oil

  It’s easier than ever to build software, that creates it harder than ever to build a confirmed program business. So it’s no consternation investors and entrepreneurs are confident about a intensity of information to form a new rival advantage. Some have even hailed information as “the new oil.” We deposit exclusively in startups leveraging information and AI to solve ... Read More »

Late-blooming startups can still thrive

It seems like startup news is full of overnight success stories and remarkable failures, like a scooter let company that went from 0 to a $300 million gratefulness in months or a blood-testing unicorn that went from billions to scarcely naught. But what about those other companies that mature some-more gradually? Is there such a thing as delayed and successful ... Read More »

YC-backed Playbook wants students to make skeleton online, hang out offline

Social formulation apps have nonetheless to take a universe by storm. A handful of these apps attempted and unsuccessful years ago, and even Swarm motionless to ditch that methodology and concentration on plcae logging. But a new Y Combinator-backed association seems to be picking adult traction. And shockingly enough, a winning part seems to be location! Location! Location! The startup ... Read More »

This shoemaker in Barcelona sees a crypto destiny for artisans

Tiago Maximo’s grandparents were shepherds. They word solid, handmade boots into a fields, trudging by dry weed and mud, over rutted nation roads and by barnyards. He brought that tradition – handmade boots for people who conclude peculiarity – to his business, Urban Shepherd – where sources boots from Portugal to sell to business in Barcelona and all over a ... Read More »

The arise and arise of supergiant rounds

Jason Rowley is a try collateral and record contributor for Crunchbase News. With some-more income issuing into a timorous series of deals, a normal startup appropriation turn is removing bigger. And it’s not by a tiny margin, either. Supergiant appropriation rounds are entrance to browbeat a appropriation landscape during all stages. Although a lot of courtesy has been paid to ... Read More »

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