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Services and Outsourcing

How data-driven medicine helps yield personalised caring to cancer patients

Author: Danny Palmer Source: Computing | 24 Sep 2015 Categories: Health | Business Software | Services and Outsourcing Tags: Sophia genetics | Aleksandra filipovic | Cancer | Health | Genetics | Big information | Analytics | Machine training | Genomics | Science | Research | Bioinformatics It wasn’t prolonged ago that personalised medicine seemed like a fantastic dream, something cramped ... Read More »

Gloucester City Council extends partnership with Civica in bid to save £100,000

Gloucester City Council has extended a revenues and advantages partnership with software, record and outsourcing services organisation Civica. The legislature had a seven-year agreement in place with Civica, that started in Oct 2011, and according to a vendor, this has already delivered some-more than £200,000 per year in assets to a council, and has also increasing a speed of estimate ... Read More »

Delegates exhibit their pivotal take-aways from Computing’s Data Centre Summit 2015

Computing‘s Data Centre and Infrastructure Summit was a good success this year, filled with sensitive keynotes, row discussions and plan sessions. We held adult with some of a representatives to ask them what they got out of a event. Read More »

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