Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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UK universities are first to take IBM’s POWER9 to further academic research

Two of the UK’s higher education institutions have become the first in the world to employ IBM’s new POWER9 servers for high-performance computing (HPC). Queen Mary and Newcastle Universities will employ the IBM systems (with POWER9 processors and Nvidia Tesla GPUs) for analytics and AI workloads, as well as HPC. Academics have said that they will use the servers for ... Read More »

Worldwide server market’s fast growth due to rising costs, says Gartner

Driven by Data in association with IBM The channel looks at how software-defined storage is an enabler of multi-cloud, AI, IoT, and arguably plays a pivotal role in digital transformation. Security Spotlight in association with Malwarebytes The channel looks at all things security, including all the news, analyses, opinion and research into these new, yet clear and present, dangers. Read More »

Dell considers plan to return to the stock market to reduce its $46bn of debts

Hardware giant Dell is reportedly considering a plan to go public , just five years after its founder and CEO Michael Dell took it private. The aim of the plan, according to reports, would be to cut the company’s $43 billion in debts.  However, it is one of a number of ideas under consideration by the company.  The Texas-based business ... Read More »

AMD throws down server gauntlet to Intel with major Baidu deal for its Epyc CPU

AMD has struck a deal with Chinese internet search giant Baidu to provide provide the microprocessors behind the Chinese company’s AI, big data and cloud computing services. The deal marks a decisive return to the server market for AMD after almost a decade of decline in the face of Intel, a turnaround instigated over the past year with the development by ... Read More »

Whitman acknowledges ‘Brexit effect’ in earnings call

HPE performed better than expected in Q3 2017, with overall revenue growth of three per cent; but away from the earnings, CEO Meg Whitman and CFO Tim Stonesifer shared some interesting tidbits about UK performance in the follow-up conference call. Confidence might be starting to return to the UK economy, following the Brexit vote last year, but HPE is still ... Read More »

Intel responds to Epyc challenge posed by AMD with Skylake-based ‘Purley’ Xeon CPUs

Intel has responded to AMD’s renewed server and data centre challenge by unveiling a new series of ‘Purley’ Xeon server processors based on its new Skylake-SP architecture, just weeks after AMD showed off Epyc.  The new Intel Xeon SP (which stands for ‘scalable platform’) CPUs will feature up to 28 processor cores per socket and six terabytes of system memory. ... Read More »

Memory and SSD price rises could continue to mid-2018

The shortage of memory (RAM) and SSDs affecting the hardware market is impacting the revenue, cash flows and profitability of solution providers, according to a report on CRN. Vendors ‘across the board’ are raising prices between 5 and 10 per cent due to the component shortages, which is having a dramatic impact on solution providers – whose customers often deploy ... Read More »

Computex: AMD to release Zen-based Epyc server CPUs on 20 June

AMD has revealed at Computex that it will launch its new line of Zen-based Epyc server microprocessors on 20 June. Code-named ‘Naples’, Epyc is intended for cloud-based and traditional on-premise data centres, and will include parts offering up to 32 physical cores and 64 threads. The launch will be supported by a number of OEM and channel partners, offering hardware ... Read More »

Nvidia’s Volta-based Tesla v100 GPU offers the power of 100 CPUs, claims CEO Jensen Huang

Nvidia has unveiled a new GPU, the Tesla V100, based on the company’s new Volta micro-architecture and boasting 21 billion transistors, which CEO Jensen Huang claims will offer performance equivalent to 100 CPUs.  Huang added that the Volta GPU architecture offers a 15-times performance boost compared to the Maxwell architecture launched just two years ago, and a five-times improvement compared to ... Read More »

AWS’s James Hamilton hits back at Oracle’s Mark Hurd over cloud investment claims

Big Data IoT Excellence Awards Computing’s Big Data IoT Excellence Awards, brand new for 2017, celebrate the achievements of the IT industry’s best big data and IoT companies, solutions, products and personalities. Date: 17 May 2017 London Read More »

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