Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Google to remove "secure" indicator from HTTPS pages on Chrome

As part of its push to make the web safer, Google on Thursday said it will stop marking HTTPS pages as “secure.” The logic behind the move, Google explained, is that “users should expect that the web is safe by default.” It will remove the green padlock and “secure” wording from the address bar beginning with Chrome 69 in September. ... Read More »

Lots of little Microsoft patches, but nothing for this month’s big bugs — and no Previews

Third Tuesday of the month and it’s time for bug fixes and Monthly Rollup Previews, right? Well, no. May’s Third Tuesday brought a big bag of .Net Framework Previews, microcode patches for Win10 1803 and Server 2016, and a Win10 1803 upgrade nag, but no respite at all for the major problems introduced by this month’s earlier patches. The .Net ... Read More »

Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ leak suspect named

A man suspected of being behind the Vault 7 leak of US security services’ hacking tools has been named – but the suspect, Joshua Adam Schulte, has been charged instead with harbouring as many as 10,000 images of child abuse on his PC. The images were found following a raid on the home of the 29-year-old IT specialist in connection ... Read More »

White House eliminates cybersecurity coordinator role

(Image: file photo) The Trump administration no longer has a cybersecurity coordinator. The job, seen as the most senior cybersecurity role in the government, was eliminated Tuesday by White House national security advisor John Bolton. The position was designed to help coordinate efforts across government, but it had come under fire in recent weeks following Bolton’s appointment in March. Politico ... Read More »

Can AI help bridge the IT security skills gap? | Salted Hash Ep 27

CSO Online | May 15, 2018 Host Steve Ragan reports from the show floor at RSA 2018, taking with Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra Networks, and author of the Thinking Security blog on, about the types of IT security work that can be off-loaded to artificial intelligence systems. Read More »

Hapless US police department taken down for a second time in a month by ransomware

A US police force has been hit by two data-shredding ransomware attacks within the space of just one month – with the FBI called in to investigate. The attacks on the network and servers of the police department in Riverside, Illinois took down months of police investigation work first time around, according to the Dayton Daily News, and also resulted ... Read More »

Mingis on Tech: Reflections on RSA 2018

Computerworld | May 9, 2018 This year’s RSA security conference focused on a variety of cybersecurity topics – everything from blockchain to the looming GDPR rules. CSO’s Steve Ragan was there and offers insights on what he learned. Read More »

Senator wants to know how police can locate any phone in seconds without a warrant

(Image: file photo) A senator is demanding that the FCC investigate why a company, contracted to monitor calls of prison inmates, also allows police to track phones of anyone in the US without a warrant. The bombshell story in The New York Times revealed Securus, a Texas-based prison technology company, could track any phone “within seconds” by obtaining data from ... Read More »

Watch out for Gmail’s new Confidential Mode

Most email can either be secure or easy to use. You can have one but not both. That’s why people are so excited about a new feature in Google’s Gmail. It’s called Confidential Mode, and it’s an easy way to make email more private. Confidential Mode lets you add an “expiration date” to emails. Once that date arrives, the email ... Read More »

Corporate accountants need to be convinced that cloud is secure, not just IT, says CIO

Non-malware attacks and ransomware take centre stage This report looks at research from over 1000 organisation, representing more than 2.5 million endpoints, to understand the prevalence and growth of non-malware attacks. Download now to find out more. Download Read More »

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