Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Hackers who targeted Samsung Pay may be looking to track individuals

The security breach at Samsung subsidiary LoopPay was probably more about spying than about gathering consumer data for profit, and the worst could be yet to come, a security analyst said Wednesday.  Samsung acknowledged the attack on LoopPay, which it acquired in February for technology that it uses in its Samsung Pay service. It said hackers only breached LoopPay’s office network, ... Read More »

How Amazon’s monster erotica book ban helped shape CloudFlare stance on censorship

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015. (Image: Steve Jennings/Getty) NEW YORK — There are three things that worry CloudFlare chief executive Matthew Prince. One is the seemingly monolithic debate on encryption, where you’re either for it and you hate the police or you’re against it and you favor terrorists, and the second is an emerging threat ... Read More »

Apple pulls the plug on in-app ad-blockers

Apple decided to allow ad-blocking in mobile Safari with iOS 9, but the company has no intention of allowing apps that install root certificates to block adds in other apps—no way, no how. That means big changes for apps like Been Choice, which users could install to block ads in Safari as well as apps like Facebook, Pinterest, and Apple ... Read More »

New California law requires warrants for access to private communications

California Governor Jerry Brown has approved a digital privacy bill that protects people from government access to private electronic communications without a warrant. The new law, backed by a number of tech companies and civil liberties groups, requires a judge to approve such access to a person’s private information, including data from personal electronic devices, email, digital documents, text messages ... Read More »

Angler ransomware gang stopped in their tracks by Cisco

How being a victim of cyber crime made me an even bigger target for hackers Read More »

Microsoft: Forcing us to share data will harm US-EU relations

US Second Circuit Appeals Court in New York, NY (Image: Ken Lund/Flickr, CC 2.0) Forcing a US company to hand over data it stores overseas back to the US government for law enforcement purposes would further harm relations between the US and Europe. In a written submission to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, Microsoft’s outside counsel ... Read More »

Verizon will use its mobile supercookie to target customers with AOL ads

Verizon’s acquisition of AOL means that ads for some U.S. mobile users are about to get a whole lot more targeted. The company has updated its privacy policy, saying that it now shares unique identifying information about users of its mobile phone network with the AOL Advertising Network, which claims as customers 74 of the top 100 websites tracked by ... Read More »

SHA-1 hashing algorithm could succumb to $75K attack, researchers say

Researchers have found a new way to attack the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, still used to sign almost one in three SSL certificates that secure major websites, making it more urgent than ever to retire it, they said Thursday. SHA-1 is a cryptographic hashing function designed to produce a fingerprint of a document, making it easy to tell if a document ... Read More »

Anglesey County Council repeatedly ignored ICO calls to improve data protection

David Cameron ‘moronic and stupid’ for attempting to ban WhatsApp, BBM, says Jimmy Wales Read More »

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