Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Samsung mocks Apple fans’ blind faithfulness notwithstanding iPhone X notch, no headphone jack

Video: iPhone X examination — Face ID, a notch, and a new screen Samsung’s latest ad tries to remonstrate iPhone X buyers that it’s time to stop usurpation compromises from Apple and switch to a Galaxy. The ad, from Samsung Mobile US, takes iPhone owners on a outing down memory lane, poking fun during a iPhone X’s scandalous nick and ... Read More »

Samsung posts another record distinction interjection to the chips business

Samsung posted another record quarter, and it again has a components business to appreciate for some-more stellar results. The Korea tech hulk shrugged off scandals, that embody a jail judgment for a de facto leader and last year’s Note 7 saga, to record a 14.53 trillion won ($12.92 billion) distinction for a new Q3 2017 period. Revenue came in at 62.05 trillion won ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition: Enhanced confidence combined to a best business smartphone

Video: 60 seconds with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (see theZDNet full review) is a best smartphone now accessible for a business environment. Samsung announced a Note 8 Enterprise Edition that provides a business-first device for a craving and SMB market. Samsung describes a integrate of pivotal facilities and advantages of this Note 8 Enterprise Edition: ... Read More »

Samsung now offers an Enterprise Edition of a Note 8 for business

The lift to let employees move their possess inclination to work has been underway for some time now — in fact, it’s a large partial of what eventually cursed enterprise-focused hardware companies like BlackBerry. Samsung’s been walking a line for a while as well, rolling out craving facilities like Knox confidence for a consumer handsets, along with accessories like DeX, ... Read More »

Samsung introduces low-cost Galaxy Tab A, rising subsequent month

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Image: Samsung) Samsung on Thursday announced a Galaxy Tab A, an 8-inch inscription “for relatives and kids” that will be accessible on Nov 1. see also ​Apple defends iPad, inscription territory with cost cut The core 9.7-inch iPad will now start during $329. Apple isn’t bashful about perplexing to remonstrate tech buyers to upgrade. Read More ... Read More »

Why Samsung doesn’t kick Apple where it matters

Samsung’s foe with Apple is on reward phone ($400+) marketplace share, and Apple is abrasive Samsung in this market. Other marketplace share metrics don’t unequivocally matter all that many since of a elementary fact that, according to Counterpoint , Apple dominated a tellurian distinction share of mobile phones, holding 65 percent of a tellurian increase with usually 9 percent (!!) of a sum ... Read More »

Samsung introduces low-cost Galaxy Tab A, launching next month

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Image: Samsung) Samsung on Thursday announced the Galaxy Tab A, an 8-inch tablet “for parents and kids” that will be available on November 1. see also ​Apple defends iPad, tablet turf with price cut The core 9.7-inch iPad will now start at $329. Apple isn’t shy about trying to convince tech buyers to upgrade. Read More ... Read More »

LG’s mobile business can’t stop losing money

Korea wiring hulk LG continues to uncover a universe that creation a profit, or even violation even, from offered smartphones is no easy thing. LG Mobile has posted usually one entertain of profitability over a final dual years, that was 6 months ago during a initial entertain of sales of a new flagship, the LG G6, when it eked out a ... Read More »

​Samsung patents another folding smartphone concept

Samsung already creates stretchable displays, though so distant they’ve usually seemed in firm TVs and winding Galaxy Edge phones, as engineers nonplus over how tough and prosaic internals, like a battery and circuit boards, could be reimagined to support a foldable design. A newly-revealed Samsung obvious doesn’t utterly offer a resolution to a firm member problem, though shows that a ... Read More »

Apple, Samsung headed behind to hearing over iPhone damages

Video: Qualcomm-Apple will expected be staid out of court Apple and Samsung are headed behind to court, for a retrial to establish how most Samsung owes Apple for infringing 3 patents involving a iPhone 3Gs and i9000 Galaxy S. The US Supreme Court motionless in Dec 2016 that a prior settlement opposite Samsung was unfair. It sent a box behind ... Read More »

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