Monday , 19 March 2018
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Samsung gears adult for startup campus launch in 2016

The southern city of Daegu in South Korea is a heart of Samsung. It’s where Lee Byung-chull founded a association that would go on to make him one of a wealthiest organisation in South Korea in a initial half of a 21st century. Samsung has changed from trade textiles to production high-tech devices, and a status of Daegu has given ... Read More »

Samsung Outs A Sleep Tracker That Can Switch Off Your TV

In a query to sell some-more gizmos in a smartphone-saturated era, Samsung is pulling low into a supposed ‘smart home.’ Earlier currently Samsung-owned SmartThings expelled a new choice of in-home sensors for a Internet of Things connector hub. Now a mothership has followed adult by outing a nap tracker, called SleepSense, that can also block into other connected devices we competence have ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 might come with a microSD label slot

The S5’s removable battery and storage enlargement options — pivotal facilities for many users. Sarah Tew/CNET Annoyed that Samsung ditched a removable battery and microSD label container in a new Galaxy S-series devices? Well, a microSD label container competence make a lapse with a Galaxy S7. The gossip comes around Italian tech site HDBlog, and it creates ideal clarity given ... Read More »

Samsung’s Gear VR Commercial Is Surprisingly Good

With a Samsung Gear VR attack shelves and faces all over a place final week, a association ran a new blurb to foster it this weekend. we saw it during a 49ers vs. Seahawks game. It’s. Surprisingly. Good. I contend “surprisingly” since even we found out how formidable it was to uncover a intensity of VR by a video during ... Read More »

Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

If we didn’t pre-order a new consumer chronicle of Samsung Gear VR, we competence have some problem anticipating it on your favorite online selling destinations. Amazon and Best Buy, both places that have been touted as carrying a supply of a practical existence accessory, are display “temporarily out of stock” and “sold out online” messages respectively. Amazon: Best Buy: The ... Read More »

New Logitech cases expelled for iPad mini 4 and Galaxy Tab S2

Logitech Type-S for Galaxy Tab The competition to build a thinnest inscription has any iteration of a given indication removing usually a tad thinner and lighter. Consumers like this alleviation solely it customarily means a box they have for a prior iteration no longer fits a new one. Logitech understands this and has expelled new cases to fit a iPad ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy View is official: An 18.4-inch inscription directed during calm consumption

If we wish a vast inscription for observation online media, Samsung has one. On Wednesday, a association officially denounced a Galaxy View, an 18.4-inch Android slate. While a Galaxy View could be used only as simply for capability apps, Samsung’s concentration is on expenditure formed on a news recover patrician “Samsung Galaxy View Offers a New Dimension in Mobile Entertainment ... Read More »

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Samsung, Samsung And SmartThings

Happy Friday, dear readers. Before we skip off for a prolonged weekend, we come temperament a gift: a weekly TC Gadgets Podcast (or, as we’re job it now, a Podcraft. This week we plead a new Samsung intelligent watch, sleep sensor, and code new SmartThings integrations, with a hint of a Amazon Echo. This week’s part of a TC Gadgets ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 5 now ships with a warning about inserting a S-Pen backwards

Remember behind in Aug when a Galaxy Note 5 initial strike a streets and people started jamming a S-Pen in a stylus hilt a wrong way, with some even handling to mangle their device? Well, Samsung’s taken a gash during elucidate that problem, not by expelling a pattern flaw, though by adding a warning sticker. The problem is a classical ... Read More »

Opera’s Max Data-Savings App Now Comes Pre-Installed On Phones From 14 OEMs

Opera currently announced that a Opera Max data-management app is now integrated into phones from 14 OEMs. These embody formerly announced partners like Samsung and Xiaomi, as good as 3 newly announced partners: Acer, Hisense and TWZ. Thanks to these partnerships, Opera now believes a Max program will be on some-more than 100 million Android phones by 2017. Opera Max radically ... Read More »

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