Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Samsung’s $26 billion bet

At some-more than 50 years of age, a semiconductor marketplace is still sprightly, with expansion this year in a 20 percent range. And with high expansion comes brief supply, that is because DRAM and peep prices have risen this year. Samsung, that already produces around half a world’s supply of both commodities, skeleton a thespian boost – roughly 2.5x – ... Read More »

Why a YouTube of AR won’t be YouTube

Matt Miesnieks is a partner during Super Ventures. A confederate of years ago when we was operative during Samsung, around a time a GearVR was being launched, there were lots of ideas drifting around per a services to offer alongside a device. Many (most) of these ideas were associated to hosting 360 Video content, and a trainer David Eun (ex-YouTube) ... Read More »

Forgotten password? Samsung’s destiny phones could collect it regulating your palm

Samsung’s palm indicate could assistance we remember your password. Image: Samsung Samsung has filed a obvious for a smartphone palm scanner that would assistance users remember a lost password. Many smartphones already use fingerprints as a faster process of unlocking a device than a password, though Samsung’s invention explores palm biometrics in a somewhat opposite application. According to a patent ... Read More »

Are iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 at $1,000 really 10 times better than $100 Nokia 2?

If you think it’s mad to spend nearly $1,000 on a Galaxy, Pixel, or iPhone, the Nokia 2 could be your answer for a good-looking smartphone. The best part is it can get the job done at a tenth of the price. At just $100, the Nokia 2 gives you the basics with a few factors that make it stand ... Read More »

Samsung hired ‘The Piano’ composer to write a measure for a film about a soaking machine

Maybe it’s pretentious consumerism — or a criticism on how distant we’ve sunk as society. Or maybe it’s some kind of 21st century loyalty to Andy Warhol’s…challenging cinematic output. One thing we know for certain is that it’s 66 mins of a full soaking appurtenance cycle, scored by award-winning composer Michael Nynam — a dude behind a soundtrack to The ... Read More »

​Samsung starts 2nd-gen 10-nanometer production

Samsung Electronics has begun mass prolongation of a system-on-a-chip (SoC) regulating a second-generation 10-nanometer process, a association announced. The process, 10-nanometer Low Power Plus (10LPP) was completed behind in April. Compared to a first-generation 10-nanometer Low Power Early (10LPE), opening is increasing by 10 percent, and it is 15 percent some-more appetite efficient. The association pronounced a initial blurb product ... Read More »

Cyber Monday’s best tech bets

So you’ve had a nice, relaxing two-day remit from all of a discount hunting. But don’t worry, it’s roughly over. It’s Cyber Monday, a holiday done adult in 2005 since Black Friday wasn’t utterly doing a trick. Sure it’s a pretentious cash-in and nonetheless some-more grist for a finish of year Capitalist indent — though a deals! Over a past ... Read More »

​Samsung buys Korean AI startup Fluenty

Samsung Electronics has acquired South Korean startup Fluenty, that specialises in conversational synthetic comprehension (AI). The acquisition, that was led by a South Korean tech giant’s mobile business, will concede a association to confederate Fluenty’s services to a possess AI platform, Bixby. Fluenty, that was founded by former hunt hulk Naver and Daum developers, has an app that suggests a ... Read More »

HP completes $1.05 billion Samsung printer business purchase

HP Inc has on Wednesday announced execution of a merger of Samsung Electronics’ printer business for $1.05 billion. HP takes a 100 percent interest in a section and a abroad resources as partial of a deal, creatively announced in Sep final year. It also gains 6,500 of Samsung’s copy patents and a workforce of scarcely 1,300 researchers and engineers with ... Read More »

​Samsung rolls out Android 8.0 Oreo beta for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Video: Android Oreo reliable for all new Nokia smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners can finally design to get their hands on Android 8.0 Oreo soon, now that Samsung has non-stop adult a newly launched Oreo beta module for a dual flagships. Samsung calls a program a Samsung Experience 9.0 beta, referring to a Android-based complement formerly famous as ... Read More »

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