Saturday , 18 November 2017
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Black Friday’s best tech bets

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and gratefulness. The following day, on a other hand, is dedicated to prevalent consumerism and generally attempting to not get trampled by a bolt of associate understanding seekers — a reason for a season, as a observant goes. Writing about tech for a vital means a inboxes have been bombarded by Black Friday deals ... Read More »

Samsung commences the biggest reorganization in 4 years

Samsung Electronics has commenced a biggest year-end reshuffle in 4 years, with executives of a rarely essential semiconductor business removing a many promotions. The South Korean tech hulk promoted 221 comparison executives, it said, a many given 227 behind in 2013. Due to authority Lee Kun-hee’s heart attack, 165 executives were promoted in 2014 and usually 135 were promoted in ... Read More »

Samsung Rewards expands to Shop Samsung app amid continued growth

Towards a finish of 2016, Samsung launched Samsung Rewards. The height was initial designed to inspire afterwards prerogative Galaxy device owners to use Samsung Pay. Various promotions awarded users for exchange during specific times or dates, possibly with income or Samsung Rewards points. A year later, Samsung Rewards is now integrated into Samsung Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Internet, a ... Read More »

Samsung’s Gear IconX earbuds find life outward a gym

Far and divided a doubt we get asked a many when I’m wearing a span of AirPods is: do they stay in? It’s a satisfactory question, and for a answer is, yes, yet substantially not for everyone. we like a wireless earbuds utterly a bit, yet they humour a same emanate as many any Apple headphone before them — a ... Read More »

Apple finally beats Samsung in obvious lawsuit… maybe

Video: Global smartphone shipments to strech 1.7B in 2021 Five years ago, Apple suspicion it had dejected Samsung in a courtroom for apparent violations. Apple believed it competence get as most as $2.5 billion in damages. Years later, Apple won one some-more box in this everlasting authorised quarrel — when a Supreme Court of a United States (SCOTUS) declined Samsung’s ... Read More »

New Samsung ad attacks Apple for 10 years of defective iPhones

It’s been some time given Samsung mocked Apple with videos on a wickedness of a iPhone  — the bursting Note 7 set that evidence behind a satisfactory amount — though a Korean organisation has private a gloves again with a new video expelled right after last week’s iPhone X launch. The crux of it is a common evidence laid out by ... Read More »

Samsung mocks Apple fans’ blind faithfulness notwithstanding iPhone X notch, no headphone jack

Video: iPhone X examination — Face ID, a notch, and a new screen Samsung’s latest ad tries to remonstrate iPhone X buyers that it’s time to stop usurpation compromises from Apple and switch to a Galaxy. The ad, from Samsung Mobile US, takes iPhone owners on a outing down memory lane, poking fun during a iPhone X’s scandalous nick and ... Read More »

Samsung posts another record distinction interjection to the chips business

Samsung posted another record quarter, and it again has a components business to appreciate for some-more stellar results. The Korea tech hulk shrugged off scandals, that embody a jail judgment for a de facto leader and last year’s Note 7 saga, to record a 14.53 trillion won ($12.92 billion) distinction for a new Q3 2017 period. Revenue came in at 62.05 trillion won ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition: Enhanced confidence combined to a best business smartphone

Video: 60 seconds with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (see theZDNet full review) is a best smartphone now accessible for a business environment. Samsung announced a Note 8 Enterprise Edition that provides a business-first device for a craving and SMB market. Samsung describes a integrate of pivotal facilities and advantages of this Note 8 Enterprise Edition: ... Read More »

Samsung now offers an Enterprise Edition of a Note 8 for business

The lift to let employees move their possess inclination to work has been underway for some time now — in fact, it’s a large partial of what eventually cursed enterprise-focused hardware companies like BlackBerry. Samsung’s been walking a line for a while as well, rolling out craving facilities like Knox confidence for a consumer handsets, along with accessories like DeX, ... Read More »

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