Monday , 22 January 2018
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Windows 10 Meltdown-Spectre patch: New updates move repair for unbootable AMD PCs

Video: Fake Meltdown-Spectre patch emails stealing Smoke Loader malware Microsoft has expelled new updates for Windows 10 that solve an emanate in a Meltdown and Spectre rags that caused some AMD systems to turn unbootable. If you’ve got an AMD PC and couldn’t implement a many new Windows 10 confidence update, it is now probable to do so though causing ... Read More »

Report: Apple retailer unprotected workers to hazards, bad operative conditions

Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting retailer Foxconn. (Image: record photo) Catcher Technology, a Taiwan-based bureau creation casings for Apple’s iPhone and Mac, disregarded 14 of Apple’s supplier-responsibility standards, according to China Labor Watch and Bloomberg reports on Tuesday. In fortifying China demands, Apple loses remoteness high ground How can Apple disagree that a FBI defilement into a singular iPhone is ... Read More »

How most slower will your PC feel after patching for Spectre-Meltdown?

Video: Meltdown Spectre take punch out of Apple Intel done it transparent that patching a Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities would meant PCs holding a strike with regards to performance, though a association has now published information on only how many of a strike systems will experience. Must read: How to tell if your iPhone battery needs replacing Intel has published ... Read More »

Why Intel x86 contingency die: Our cloud-centric destiny depends on open source chips

The new year has indeed started out with a crash for a mechanism industry. Two rarely publicized confidence flaws in a Intel x86 chip architecture have now emerged. They seem to impact other microprocessors finished by AMD and designs protected by ARM. And they might be some of a misfortune mechanism bugs in story — if not a misfortune — ... Read More »

IEDM 2017: AMD says Epyc is only a beginning

Moore’s Law is negligence down and a bag of tricks that a attention uses to fist some-more out of any new epoch of chips is reaching abating returns. It takes a lot some-more bid to stay on a heading edge, and it costs a lot more, eroding a mercantile advantages and forcing a attention to find new solutions. In her ... Read More »

Always Connected PC opens a window for Qualcomm

Windows RT — Microsoft’s 2012 bid to launch (most of) Windows on an ARM design — fell brief for many reasons. But even nonetheless it was to spin an orphaned failure, it did many to indirectly assistance a Windows ecosystem. read this Windows 10 S is a destiny (but not a present) of a desktop PC In a universe tangible ... Read More »

Nvidia’s Titan V giant: $3,000 buys we ‘most absolute PC GPU ever’

Nvidia says a Titan V has 9 times a appetite of a predecessor, a $1,200 Titan Xp. Image: Nvidia Nvidia has announced a Titan V, a “world’s many absolute PC GPU”. It’s formed on Nvidia’s Volta, a same design as a Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs behind Amazon Web Service’s recently launched top-end P3 instances, that are dedicated to artificial-intelligence applications. ... Read More »

​IEDM 2017: Intel inches closer to EUV lithography

There are many reasons since it is removing harder to furnish leading-edge processors, yet no roadblock is bigger than photolithography, a routine of regulating light to send patterns to a wafer. The stream collection are no longer means of copy a smallest features–at slightest not yet some time-consuming and dear additional steps–and a replacement, famous as impassioned ultra-violet or EUV ... Read More »

AMD had an EPYC 2017

Video: AMD vs Intel: Are we in a marketplace for a new desktop processor? This is routinely a time of year when we concentration on how, over a past twelve months, Apple altered a face of record for year another year. But not this year. 2017 belonged to AMD. Must read: Just how overpriced is Apple’s new iMac Pro? on ... Read More »

​IEDM 2017: GlobalFoundries announces 7nm chipmaking process

In a late further to this year’s IEDM 2017 lineup, GlobalFoundries denounced sum of a 7nm routine that promises a poignant boost in density, opening and potency in comparison to a 14nm record used to make AMD processors, IBM Power server chips and other products. GlobalFoundries will start 7nm prolongation regulating stream lithography tools, yet it skeleton to fast pierce ... Read More »

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