Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 660, 630 mobile platforms

Qualcomm Qualcomm has suggested a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 630 mobile platforms, designed to pull a chip maker’s processors to new levels. On Tuesday, a US chip builder said in a blog post that a mobile platforms are engineered to give a Snapdragon 660 and 630 processors some-more aptitude to today’s modernized technologies, such as true-to-life photography and extended security. ... Read More »

Nvidia tops Q1 targets as income scarcely doubles

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia reported plain initial entertain financial formula Tuesday. cloud tv Cloud migration: Dipping in a toe before diving all in The Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine rebuilt a information room on a Google Cloud Platform, holding advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing to make certain it was a right move. Read More The Santa Clara, Calif.-based association reported a net ... Read More »

Nvidia aims to sight 100,000 developers in low learning, AI technologies

Nvidia pronounced it skeleton to sight 100,000 developers by a Deep Learning Institute. For Nvidia, a Deep Learning Institute, an bid to sight developers in appurtenance training and synthetic intelligence, is a approach to emanate a good of imagination that can eventually lead to some-more sales of GPUs. The gamble for Nvidia is that IDC estimates that 80 percent of ... Read More »

China Mobile and ARM mix on network duty virtualisation

China Mobile and ARM will combine on network duty virtualisation (NFV) interjection to a understanding sealed with processor provider Cavium and network program height retailer Enea in an bid to expostulate larger-scale deployment of virtualised networks. Under a deal, a companies will make use of China Mobile’s open NFV exam lab, Enea’s NFV Core platform, Cavium’s ThunderX datacenter server processor, ... Read More »

AMD unleashes high-performance Ryzen 5 desktop chips

The high-end processor marketplace might be where all a bragging rights lie, though it’s a mainstream marketplace where a volume is, and AMD is holding aim during that shred with a new Ryzen 5 processors. Must review : Apple’s unfortunate Mac repairs control summary hints during a divided company Ryzen 5 is AMD’s new line of mainstream processors, fasten a ... Read More »

Google Cloud Platform rolls out Intel’s latest Xeons

Google Cloud Platform is now charity services on Intel’s latest Xeon processor, codenamed Skylake. With a move, Google claims to be a initial cloud provider to offer Intel’s latest Xeon processor, that provides improved opening and is designed for analytics and a brood of other uses. Typically, a competition to offer a latest processors from Intel is indifferent for server ... Read More »

​IBM adds Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU to the cloud

IBM pronounced it will offer a latest Nvidia GPU, a Tesla P100, in a IBM Cloud as it aims to squeeze synthetic intelligence, appurtenance learning, and high opening computing workloads. Big Blue pronounced it is among a initial to offer Nvidia’s latest processors. The dual companies are pivotal partners on mixed fronts given 2014. Also see: Intel’s Mobileye squeeze might ... Read More »

AMD Ryzen: Taking a quarrel to Intel

For roughly a decade AMD has yielded belligerent to Intel when it comes to processors, though a new Ryzen 7 chips change all that — on paper during any rate. Must read: Has AMD thrown Intel off a chip game? Today, Mar 2, AMD will lift out a tough launch of 3 new Ryzen 7 chips that not usually outperform ... Read More »

AMD Ryzen: Everything we need to know

Tablets How to make a rechargeable battery in your smartphone, inscription or laptop final for years Read More »

Here’s how to make clarity of AMD Ryzen naming

Processor fixing can be treacherous to a uninitiated. we mean, names such as “Ryzen 7 1800X” or “Ryzen 7 1700” on a aspect competence make no sense, though they tell we a lot about a silicon. Here’s how to decode a name. Must read: 10 things Steve Jobs would hatred about Apple today AMD So, “Ryzen 7 1800X” decodes out ... Read More »