Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Computing still maintains and even, occasionally, evangelises that Microsoft’s Surface series of hybrid tablets are vastly underrated devices. With two on-team as our go-to ‘out of the office’ PCs, we’ve found that once you get used to some of their eccentricities, they’re fast, powerful, light and highly baggable. Hard to pick up in shops and suffering a little with the ... Read More »

New iPad production is underway – but can Apple overturn flagging sales?

The snoopers’ charter – welcome back, old friend! Read More »

Samsung provides UEL students 4,000 tablets, while exiting Europe laptop market for good

The University of East London (UEL) is to give 4,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablets to “freshers” this week, free of charge, in a £2m technology investment by the university. UEL says each tablet will be “customised to [the] individual academic needs” of each student, regardless of which course they are studying, and will contain electronic versions of core textbooks ... Read More »

Enterprise, start your Xbox: ‘You will be able to run Office’ on games console, says Microsoft

The Universal Apps version of Microsoft Office will run on Xbox One, and the console is due to feature its own expanded, developer-led app store, Microsoft has told Computing. Speaking to us at Microsoft’s Build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco today, senior director of Windows developer marketing Emilio Salvador Prieto confirmed that the Xbox One platform stands to benefit ... Read More »

Here’s to the humdrum ones: Has Apple truly forgotten how to innovate?

Apple released a new advert yesterday, the punchline of which is two slides. They read: “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone”. The advert is intended to celebrate the app-based ecosystem of the iPhone which is still most certainly the platform’s strongest offering in relation to its rivals. Android is still too messy, unreliable and fragmented to truly ... Read More »

Can Microsoft’s Surface Book single-handedly revitalise the dwindling PC market? Because it may have to

PCs and laptops are not selling anymore. It’s official. Even analysts at Gartner and IDC are in tune on that point this time, with the past few days seeing Gartner pronounce a year-on-year decline of 7.7 per cent in PC shipments, and those tracker nerds at IDC revealing an even worse figure of 10.8 per cent. As my colleague Graeme ... Read More »

Is Windows 10 opening upgraders to more risks than it should?

Windows 10 is probably winding its way through the pipes of your internet service provider and round your system’s entrails as we speak. But before you follow Microsoft’s friendly encouragement to “Upgrade now”, you might want to consider some of the security implications. For a start, Symantec has been keen to point out today that Windows 10 will continue, in ... Read More »

Google launches Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Android Marshmallow, Pixel C hybrid tablet and new Chromecast

Google launched a veritable flotilla of competition-baiting hardware today off the back of its Android Marshmallow mobile operating system, which was also officially released. Revealing a 5.2-in Nexus 5X smartphone and the 5.7-in Nexus 6P smartphone, Google gave the world the more or less expected new hardware to run Android Marshmallow, the latest build of its mobile operating system. With ... Read More »

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