Sunday , 23 September 2018
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CES 2013: ‘We forgot the power of wow’ says Sony

Sony has faced up to its recent failures and admitted it’s forgotten how to “wow” an audience at the first official day of CES 2013 in Las Vegas today. “We used to make people say ‘wow’ all the time,” announced a voiceover before the company’s CES product presentation. “Our unique combination of artists and engineers set out to create a ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 will need little introduction to Computing readers. In the space of just three years, Microsoft has managed to develop its push into first-party hardware from the quaint sideshow that was the original Surface Pro to a new model – the Surface Pro 3 – that’s so good, Apple immediately went and copied it with the company’s ... Read More »

Microsoft and Nokia ‘like bolting two sinking ships together’ warns ex-BT CTO

Ex-BT CTO and futurist Peter Cochrane believes Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia could be “like bolting two sinking ships together” as he urged the company to rethink its “gaudy and horrible” branding strategies. Following up his Computing exclusive last year that Microsoft “will be dead and gone” in just a few years due to its single OS strategy, Cochrane now believes ... Read More »

Smartglasses will make workplace more efficient sooner rather than later, claims Gartner

Google Glass and other smartglass technology will force CIOs to take a fresh look at their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) schemes as wearable computing begins to make headway into the workplace as early as 2017.  That’s according to research by Gartner, whose analysts claim that the adoption of smartglasses could save businesses in the services industry a $1bn a year. Gartner has ... Read More »

Apple "working on curved screens" while Motorola patents "throat tattoos"

As the mobility innovation pool continues to run suspiciously dry, today brings another couple of wacky tidbits from two major technology firms. The first is a reported “curved glass” screen from Apple which, according to a Bloomberg contact “familiar with the plans”, are “probably” due to be released in the third quarter of 2014. The screens will be built to ... Read More »

Qualcomm announces 64-bit Snapdragon, following Apple and Intel into high-speed phones

As PC sales slip, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP and Dell band together for ‘PC Does What?’ campaign Read More »

Deloitte to issue touchscreen laptops but CIO still unsure on Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Deloitte, one of the “big four” professional services firms, will be issuing touchscreen laptop devices to its employees in 2014, but the company’s CIO Matt Peers is still unsure on whether Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a suitable alternative.  In an interview with Computing, Peers said that Deloitte will be rolling out Windows 8.1 as its main operating system in 2014, ... Read More »

The power behind the next mobile revolution

A significant technological advance that took place in 1991, without which it is doubtful the mobile revolution would have ever taken off. That advance was the commercial release of the first lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery by Sony. “Game changing battery technologies do not come around very often,” said Paul Blackmore, project consultant at Warwick Manufacturing Group’s Energy Innovation Centre at the ... Read More »

Google Glass on general sale next week…for one day only

Microsoft explains Windows 10 upgrade nags as ‘playful, light approach to informing customers’ Read More »

Internet of Things infrastructures need to function more like Twitter, says Eurotech

Machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures need to function in a way that is “analogous to Twitter”, embedded technology company Eurotech said today. Speaking at the opening of Intel’s fourth innovation centre for the IoT in Swindon, Eurotech product strategy manager Tim Taberner warned the industry about the dangers of M2M architecture with over-complex communication protocols, reducing their ... Read More »

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