Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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​Oracle re-spins bequest program into cloud expansion game

The passing of bequest craving program vendors might be a bit artificial and Oracle appears to be display a plans and a belligerent diversion that leverages a patron bottom into an as-a-service repeated income stream. Oracle’s fourth quarter was clever on many fronts, though can be summed adult in dual words: Legacy lives. And if we integrate Oracle’s formula with ... Read More »

Oracle Brazil appoints new head

Oracle has allocated a new conduct for a Brazil operations as it presses forward with skeleton to boost accounts within a medium-sized business segment. Rodrigo Galvão assimilated Oracle as a financial trainee in 2002 and climbed by a ranks within a sales department. Before holding over as president, a executive was heading a cloud sales and creation area. The Brazil ... Read More »

Augmented reality: Oracle builds a constrained case

Image granted by Oracle Although we review about protracted existence in a renouned press, a concentration tends toward consumer expereinces like Pokemon Go and Snapchat. Although a consumer side of AR is huge, there are critical applications in a enterprise. A presentation during Oracle’s new Modern Customer Experience discussion demonstrated protracted existence unsentimental to margin use management. It’s one instance ... Read More »

​Oracle to use Kubernetes to conduct the cloud containers

​Google releases Kubernetes 1.0: Container government will never be a same Google’s open source enclosure deployment and government apparatus is prepared for ubiquitous use in prolongation environments. Read More Seven years ago, Oracle wanted to be a Linux power. So, Oracle authority Larry Ellison and a association cloned Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) into Oracle Linux. Then, Oracle, after Ellison ... Read More »

Rimini Street merges with investment firm, will be publicly traded

Rimini Street, that provides third celebration upkeep for SAP and Oracle, will turn a publicly traded association around a partnership with an investment organisation now on a Nasdaq. The move is a bit unconventional, though gives Rimini collateral for destiny acquisitions and enlargement while accomplishing what an initial open charity would. Specifically, Rimini Street is merging with GP Investments Acquisition ... Read More »

Oracle, Verizon span adult on cloud interconnect services

Verizon’s craving section is hooking adult a network to Oracle Cloud in a pierce that could boost a latter’s distribution. Specifically, Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect use will bond to Oracle’s FastConnect, that is designed to mislay latency in hybrid cloud deployments. The Oracle-Verizon partnership is suggestive of a identical understanding between Oracle and Equinix, that also serves as a overpass ... Read More »

Oracle drops large 299 disadvantage patch, fixes Shadow Broker exploit

(Image: Malwarebytes) Oracle has expelled a patch that fixes a sum of 299 vulnerabilities, violation a firm’s previous record in July that resolved a sum of 276 confidence flaws. On Wednesday, a program hulk issued a confidence advisory, that documented 299 confidence fixes for program in many of a company’s product families including Oracle Database Server, Fusion Middleware, Enterprise Manager ... Read More »

​Oracle launches Startup Cloud Accelerator in Brazil

Oracle has only launched a cloud acceleration module for startups in Brazil. Technology-based, early-stage ventures (the association did not mention any sold marketplace segments it competence be meddlesome in) can request now for a company’s Startup Cloud Accelerator scheme, that will start in Jul and final for a six-month period. The initial intake, that will include of 5 startups, will ... Read More »

Oracle brings ‘Adaptive Intelligence’ to Customer Experience applications

Image: James Martin/CNET Oracle on Wednesday is rolling out a initial collection of a promised applications powered by Adaptive Intelligence, starting with patron knowledge tools. The Adaptive Intelligence applications mix real-time analytics with first-party and third-party data, “to assistance people do their jobs in a connected way,” Jack Berkowitz, VP of products and information scholarship for Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligence program, ... Read More »

Oracle in a cloud: The researcher conversation

Wavebreak Media LTD Last month, Oracle presented OpenWorld, a annual confab of craving software, in San Francisco. OpenWorld gives Oracle a eventuality to showcase a latest technology, products, and destiny directions of this outrageous company. It also creates a sequence of customers, prospects, press, and analysts who intersect to investigate a association and a plans. As partial of a CXOTALK ... Read More »