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AT&T’s raising the prices of legacy unlimited data plans

ATT plans to hike the cost of its unlimited wireless data plans by $5 in February 2016. This will be the first price change for ATT’s unlimited plans in about seven years, rising from $30 to $35 per month. ATT gave up on unlimited plans in 2012 back when 3G was king but many users are still holding on to ... Read More »

Light-based ‘Li-Fi’ beams data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Do you find those blazing-fast MU-MIMO 802.11ac routers still too darn pokey? One start-up hopes to turn your light bulb into a data transfer connection capable of speeds 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi by 2020. The company, called Velmenni, is already working on several pilot projects, including a wireless network in an office space that uses LED lights instead ... Read More »

Sprints compelling new promo: Switch from another carrier, cut your bill in half

There’s no need for complicated cost comparison charts with Sprint’s latest wireless promotion. Quite simply, Sprint is promising to cut bills in half for customers who switch from Verizon, ATT, or T-Mobile. The deal runs from November 20 through January 7, 2016, and Sprint says it will lock in those lower prices until January 8, 2018. The savings apply to ... Read More »

Running out of Internet addresses: What IPv4 exhaustion means for you

We reached the end of an Internet era just a few weeks ago. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), the body that distributes Internet addresses in North America, announced it had exhausted its pool of numbers based on the IPv4 standard. Though invisible to users, IPv4 played a huge role in creating the Internet as we know it by ... Read More »

T-Mobile gives existing customers 3 months of unlimited LTE, with one catch

If you’re tired of all the sweet incentives wireless carriers offer to new subscribers, T-Mobile’s new deal may come as a relief. The carrier says it will offer three months of unlimited LTE data to all postpaid customers who’ve signed up by November 23. The one big catch is that users must not disable Binge On, T-Mobile’s new unlimited streaming ... Read More »

Toshiba’s new chip to usher in wireless charging at wired speeds

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TEAC) today announced what it says is the industry’s first single-chip wireless power receiver (RX) that can operate at 15 watts and is compliant with Qi v1.2, the wireless charging standard. Compared to TEAC’s previous wireless power chips, the new TC7766WBG triples the amount of power that can be received without increasing the chip’s size. “This ... Read More »

Facebook building a 100-gigabit switch to keep up with video, VR traffic

Facebook is more than doubling the speed of its Wedge open-source network switch, which is good news both for Facebook users and for anyone who may want to build a 100-gigabit switch. The Wedge sits at the top of a rack of servers to connect them to Facebook’s network. It was announced in June 2014, and thousands are already deployed ... Read More »

In Sailfish struggles, a cautionary tale for alternative mobile OSes

With Android and iOS dominating the mobile operating system market, it’s tough going for alternatives like Sailfish, now in survival mode as its maker, Jolla, moves to lay off a large part of its personnel. The first smartphone with the Linux-based OS shipped at the end of 2013. Adoption of Sailfish has been weak, however, and Jolla is selling only ... Read More »

Sprint looks to spur growth with new half-off-rivals’ rates plan

Sprint today unveiled a new simplified wireless plan offering 50% off competitors’ rates — part of an effort to lure consumers to try its faster LTE Plus network, which promises speeds of 128Mbps or more. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said the costs of the new program will be more than offset by revenues from new customers. “There’s absolutely no way ... Read More »

Cisco adds programmability to Internet routers

Cisco this week enhanced its network operating system software to boost the performance of cloud applications and reduce operational costs. As promised last week by CEO Chuck Robbins, Cisco unveiled an upgrade to its IOS XR software that features improved programmability and tighter integration with popular IT configuration and management tools. The software was developed with some leading web companies, ... Read More »

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