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11 best smart lightbulbs 2016 UK: Best smart bulbs and smart lighting

Installing smart lighting is a simple first step on your way to a smart home. Here we reveal the best smart LED bulbs and best smart lighting for your connected home in the UK in 2016, and explain the benefits of ditching those traditional incandescent bulbs for LED. Also see: Best smart heating systems 2016 UK.  Some key benefits to ... Read More »

Samsung profit up 15 percent, but disappoints

Samsung Electronics said Friday that its operating profit in the fourth quarter of last year was likely to be 6.1 trillion won (US$5 billion), up by 15 percent from the same quarter a year ago. The guidance is, however, lower than analysts’ estimates, and far lower than the around 80 percent growth in operating profit the company reported in the ... Read More »

15 best 802.11ac wireless routers 2016 UK

Best 802.11ac wireless routers 2016 UK: Why an 11ac router is a good idea 802.11ac is better than every version of Wi-Fi before it. The principle benefits of 11ac are increased throughput and longer range. In other words, data can be sent much quicker, and you’re more likely to maintain a usefully fast connection when you’re further away – even ... Read More »

How to use Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

Sometimes you might find yourself sitting at one computer, but needing the data or facilities on another. Or you may need to help a friend or family member solve a problem. Well, with Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10 you can access another PC in another room, or even on a Wi-Fi-enabled beach. We’ll show you how to set up ... Read More »

Samsung Pay’s expanding to cheaper phones and online payments in 2016

Mobile payment systems are the new fingerprint sensors: Everybody’s got to have one, it seems. But while Android Pay and Apple Pay enjoy fairly widespread phone support—at least where mobile payments are accepted—Samsung’s own creatively named Samsung Pay has been limited to the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 variants alone. But not for long! Not only will Samsung Pay ... Read More »

Juniper Networks adds an edge to its router

Juniper Networks this week upgraded its edge routers with hardware and software designed to boost performance and enable network automation. Juniper Networks Juniper’s MX2020 edge router The enhancements to Juniper’s MX series 3D Universal Edge routers are aimed at improving the port density and operational efficiency of the systems as businesses and consumers demand HD video, cloud services and network-based ... Read More »

Mozilla nixes Firefox OS, bowing out of mobile race

Mozilla has ended its ambitious entry into the smartphone race, saying Tuesday it will stop offering Firefox OS phones through operators. The withdrawal is unsurprising, even though Mozilla heralded the OS as one of its major projects in its recent annual report. Some operators shipped Firefox OS phones, which were designed to be lower-cost alternatives to Android-powered ones and Apple’s iPhone, ... Read More »

What we learned about 5G in 2015

The much-anticipated 5G mobile standard won’t be finished until 2020, but the people who’ll make it happen were busy throughout 2015 trying to define it. One thing that’s clear already is that 5G won’t be like 4G. Rather than just making phones and tablets faster, the next generation of mobile technology will be asked to serve many uses, each with ... Read More »

Battle over LTE in Wi-Fi bands may soon be resolved

The fight over LTE networks using the same frequencies as Wi-Fi may be headed toward a peaceful resolution at last. Powerhouses of the wireless world that have clashed over LTE in unlicensed spectrum are now committed to creating tests for whether these new types of networks can coexist with Wi-Fi. Those tests may be ready to go in February. Powerful ... Read More »

Instant camera case Prynt prints photos with augmented reality videos

Are you still shooting photos and videos with your iPhone and sharing them separately via email and social networks? That’s about to become so 2015. Prynt is a smartphone case with a built-in photo printer, spitting out mini snapshots you can hold in your hand, but that’s not all. As you and your friends pose for photos, the Prynt app ... Read More »

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