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How to stop your Asus router being hacked

Back in Feb 2014, roughly 13,000 Asus routers were compromised when hackers realised they could simply take control of a injured inclination remotely. The vulnerabilities were good documented, though it’s wholly probable your possess router is still during risk. Here’s what we need to do to stop an Asus router being hacked. See also: Best routers to buy right now ... Read More »

BBC Three switch-off: BBC Three is now an online-only channel

Update 16 Feb 2016: The BBC has pulled BBC Three from TV as partial of cost-cutting measures, and as of currently (16 Feb 2016) shows will now be promote usually on iPlayer. New calm including Cuckoo array three, Clique, Life Hacks and Black Power will be available. BBC Three denounced dual new platforms: The Best Of – that will pierce together ... Read More »

UK’s best mobile network 2016

What’s a UK’s best mobile network in 2016? Read on to find out. (See also: laptop vs smartphone vs inscription – what’s a best tech to use on a move.)  Choosing a smartphone or tablet is usually a start. In this universe of unchanging connectivity a peculiarity and speed of your selected network is vicious to your ability to work ... Read More »

What a Three and O2 partnership means for you

Three still wants to buy O2, yet Ofcom’s arch executive Helen White isn’t happy – so most so, she final week plainly voiced her misgivings in The Financial Times’ letters page forward of a rough statute from a European Commission. We demeanour during how a deal, that would make Three a UK’s largest mobile network, could impact consumers. White’s categorical drift ... Read More »

Apple pronounced to scale down orders for iPhones

Apple’s member suppliers are fresh for cuts in sales as a iPhone builder has apparently pared down a orders for a phones. Problems for Chinese iPhone factories were seen in a final dual months of final year, when they had some surprisingly idle capacity, during a time when they would have been customarily rushing to accommodate orders from Apple, reported ... Read More »

The 18 best Powerline adapters 2016 UK

What’s a best Powerline adapter we can buy today? We demeanour during a 18 best Powerline adapters 2016 UK after endless contrast in real-world environments. Powerline is a simple-to-install digital home technology that gets we faster speeds than Wi-Fi for joining inclination to your network notwithstanding them being in opposite bedrooms to your router. It uses your home’s energy lines ... Read More »

How to set adult a router as a repeater

How to set adult a router as a repeater: The wireless way If you’re propitious or we chose good when we bought your aged router it competence already have a facilities required to be reused to urge Wi-Fi coverage. Without neeting network cables, or powerline adaptors, that is. We aren’t going to list all a routers that have some arrange ... Read More »

What is Li-Fi? Everything we know so distant about Li-Fi technology

With 5GHz Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity straightforwardly accessible in a UK, a new wireless customary might seem like profusion – however, this new communication customary leaves existent record in a dirt with regards to information speeds, braggadocio 100x faster downloads than a required Wi-Fi connection. It’s called Li-Fi, and it’s somewhat opposite to anything we’ve ever seen. Here, we explain ... Read More »

Comcast bugs BYO modem user with browser pop-ups suggesting an upgrade

Comcast’s Internet use has a bad robe of interrupting your web browsing with invasive pop-up windows. We’ve already seen a association injecting ads on open Wi-Fi hotspots, as good as notices about potential copyright violations. Now it appears some Comcast subscribers who buy their possess networking apparatus are saying pop-ups seeking them to ascent their wire modems. One Comcast customer, ... Read More »

How to bond to your router to change settings

Need to change some settings in your wireless router? If we can’t entrance – or a IP residence your router uses – here’s how to get connected. These days it’s many easier to set adult a new broadband router. They all come with Wi-Fi enabled and secured. Typically you’ll find a Wi-Fi cue on a tag stranded to a ... Read More »

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