Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Cisco router ‘SYNful Knock’ compromise dissected by FireEye

Security services company FireEye has published an analysis of new exploits being conducted against Cisco routers, which seek to permanent compromise targeted devices. The attacks, which have been dubbed “SYNful Knock”, are capable of modifying the firmware of the Cisco routers, enabling the attackers to acquire a persistent presence on corporate networks under the radar of typically used security software ... Read More »

How Mellanox connectivity aids research into black holes and asteroids

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the radio telescope designed to provide the highest resolution images in all astronomy, uses Ethernet switches made from specially generated silicon by servers and storage providers Mellanox. That’s what Colin Bridger, senior director for northern Europe at Mellanox Technologies, told the audience at Hilton London Tower Bridge during the Computing Data Centre and Infrastructure Summit ... Read More »

Google ‘Customer Match’ means your email address is now for sale to the highest bidder

Google is close to rolling out a tool named “Customer Match” which, it appears, will combine a logged-in Google account with any email address handed by a customer to a retailer to create lists of addresses to target specific users with marketing material. The search giant can sit comfortably with this arrangement, as the lists of emails are anonymised through ... Read More »

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