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The best Android file manager apps

File management isn’t the sexiest area of smartphone ownership — but if you use your device for productivity, it’s an important subject to consider. Your phone, after all, is your on-the-go connection to the world. It’s basically the new PC. And whether your work involves presentations, PDFs, Word documents or images, you’re bound to find yourself fumbling around with files ... Read More »

When every public screen is your personal screen

One screen, one user. But what happens when any screen can serve hundreds of users? In Steven Spielberg’s 2002 sci-fi movie, Minority Report, billboards could display customized ads that addressed each passerby by name (or at least by the name of the person who provided one’s eyeballs). Every public holographic billboard became private, targeted and personalized for a couple of ... Read More »

LG’s ‘Software Upgrade Center’ feels slightly too familiar

By my calculations, seeing this morning’s news that LG is opening up a “Software Upgrade Center” — the industry’s “first such facility aimed at providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier smartphone operating system and software updates” (!) — could result in three distinct reactions. First is the woefully uninformed, overly positive reception — the one LG clearly hopes to elicit ... Read More »

HP’s detachable Chromebook and the ghost of Google’s past

It was six months ago to this day that I declared it: The Chromebook is effectively the new Android tablet. At the time, I realize, such a proclamation sounded slightly unhinged (so to speak). How could a Chromebook possibly take over the role of the Android tablet? It doesn’t run Android, for one — and at that point, no models ... Read More »

A bad day with mobile 2FA

As a longtime proponent of two-factor authentication (2FA) in a mobile world, I was pained to get hit with two problems using 2FA on Thursday (April 4). But maybe the ability to publicize those two mobile-oriented problems with 2FA will do some good, if sites just pay attention. The day started with my trying to link to an interesting mobile ... Read More »

Facebook’s data debacle is a wake-up call for Android users

Whew. This whole Facebook data mess sure is spiraling into quite the fiasco, isn’t it? Seems every day lately, there’s some new shocking twist to how everyone’s personal data was used (and abused) without their knowledge. While much of the issue revolves around Facebook itself and practices that are out of our control, there’s an angle that ties in directly ... Read More »

Smartphones becoming primary device for physician and patient communications

Hospitals are making significant investments in smartphone and secure mobile platforms to enable communications between clinicians and between them and patients, according to a new survey. Nine of 10 healthcare systems plan significant investments in smartphones and secure unified communications over the next 12 to 18 months, according to the results of the survey, performed in person by Spyglass Consulting ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: AT&T announces FirstNet Network Core is coming online

Last week ATT announced the exclusive communications platform for public safety came to life with the nationwide launch of the FirstNet Dedicated Network Core. This network will let first responders communicate wirelessly during a disaster. Something they were unable to do during 9/11. FirstNet will be the nationwide network that let’s first responders communicate and save lives and property. First ... Read More »

Apple’s Business Chat means one day you’ll ask HomePod for a bank loan

While we wait for Apple to eradicate the Siri message-reading bug inside iOS 11.3, Nuance Communications took a little time to explain the huge potential of the iPhone maker’s Business Chat platform, which one day means we’ll be able to ask our HomePod to arrange our next bank loan. Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager of the Nuance ... Read More »

Apple’s other big chance to enrich people’s lives

Apple is working to get a range of new emoji’s approved to better represent individuals with disabilities. The attempt underlines its award-winning leadership position when it comes to an evidenced commitment to making products accessible with software. It could do even more to enrich people’s lives. Technology for change Apple already works closely with internationally respected organizations, such as the ... Read More »

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