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Dear Amazon and Google: Enough.

Gang, we need to talk. Here in the land o’ tech (no relation to the Land o’ Lakes, aside from a shared love of butter), things are starting to get silly. Google and Amazon, if you haven’t heard, are in the midst of a very public schoolyard spat. And their little game of corporate one-upmanship shows no sign of slowing anytime ... Read More »

Android nostalgia: 20 once-essential apps you’ve probably long forgotten

Ah, memories. With the frenetic pace at which Android has evolved over the past decade, the experience of using the platform today is pretty darn different from the Android-using adventure of even just a few years ago. And it’s not just the operating system itself that’s changed. As mobile tech in general has matured and Android’s native features have bit by ... Read More »

With smartphones like these, why do we need laptops?

Smartphones are supercomputers. Or, at least, they’re significantly more powerful than supercomputers were ten years ago. And way more powerful than desktops were five years ago. Smartphones also offer killer benefits that laptops don’t — namely, longer battery life and biometric security. So why are we still using laptops? Microsoft’s smartphone-based laptops Microsoft and Qualcomm this week announced a new ... Read More »

Microsoft Whiteboard adds ‘digital canvas’ collaboration to Windows 10

Microsoft is bringing its Whiteboard ‘digital canvas’ app to Windows 10 users, providing a new way for employees to collaborate on creative work and share ideas. Whiteboard, aimed at Surface owners, makes use of the device’s stylus and touch inputs to share drawings. Users can jot down notes, make precise illustrations or search for images on the web from the ... Read More »

3 top reasons people dump Android for iPhone

As it stands the market battle between Android and iPhone seems set to continue forever, but you can’t ignore that the majority of users who do switch are abandoning Google for Apple. What follows are three of the biggest reasons for doing so identified by Creative Strategies as Apple’s iPhone sales threaten to spike. Reason #1: Security I think most ... Read More »

Sometimes it’s hard to be Apple’s Siri

Virtual assistants are destined to do much more than send memos, capture shopping lists or tell cheesy jokes — they will become one of the primary ways we interact with the ambient AI that will surround every part of our lives in the not-too-distant future. That’s what Apple’s Steve Jobs saw in these technologies way back when he relentlessly pursued ... Read More »

iPhone X drives Apple’s ‘best ever’ year for smartphone sales

Apple has just begun its best ever year for iPhones, setting new records over the holiday quarter, according to IHS Markit analyst, Ian Fogg. A new iPhones record Fogg is incredibly bullish on Apple’s performance, writing: “We expect Apple will enjoy its best ever year for iPhone,” anticipating 88.8 million iPhone sales in the current quarter and year-on-year increases in ... Read More »

The time-saving typing trick every Android user should try

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but I love finding clever little ways to save time and make life a teensy bit easier. And when it comes to Android and Chromebooks, boy howdy, are there plenty of efficiency-enhancing gems just waiting to be unearthed. One area where I’m always hungry for improvement is in the reliably irritating realm of ... Read More »

10 (more) iPhone X gesture tips

Apple has launched its own YouTube channel of iOS tips, meanwhile iPhone X is attracting massive interest and changing how we use the device. Here are ten more usability tips to help you turn yourself into an iPhone X pro. Make Face ID gaze again If Face ID fails to recognize you for some reason you can make it try ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: 5 ways you can unlock your enterprise mobility strategy

More and more industries are mobilizing their workforces. From nurses passing information to their colleagues via secure messaging as they change shifts, to police officers replacing paper notebooks with more efficient, secure digital counterparts, today’s mobile phones are portable enough and powerful enough to get the job done.  Yet consumer versions of these phones, traditionally sold by carriers in the ... Read More »

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