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Android Auto’s future: Google teases new features as Volvo adds Maps, Play Store

Video: Google Pixel, Nexus devices get Android Auto wireless support. Google is bringing design, search, and messaging updates to Android Auto, while Volvo has unveiled plans to bring the Play Store, Google Assistant, and Google Maps to its new Android-based infotainment system. Google and Volvo are making progress on a partnership announced at last year’s I/O conference to put Android ... Read More »

OnePlus 6: Features, price, release date, and everything you need to know

OnePlus continues to blur the line — separating an affordable smartphone and a premium smartphone — with the OnePlus 6. Announced on May 16, the latest phone from the Chinese manufacturer has nearly every feature or specification one would expect to find in a Samsung or Apple device, but for half the cost. Read also: RIP ZTE: Which Chinese smartphone ... Read More »

Google I/O 2018: Here’s what to expect and how to watch

In the past, Google has used Google I/O to announce new hardware, such as virtual reality products and smart speakers equipped with personal assistants, as well as new services like Google Allo and Photos. Read also: Google I/O vs. Microsoft Build: Dueling yet similar visions for developers | Android Oreo vs Android One vs Android Go: All their differences, explained ... Read More »

Google: Expect email from us on our new policy on harvesting your personal data

Video: Which industries are falling behind as GDPR deadline looms? Google has updated the presentation of its privacy policy ahead of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force in a few weeks. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Google is adopting this approach to its new privacy policy that will ... Read More »

Google: Our new Android P beta shows how AI gives you more battery life

Video — Android P: Google launches first developer preview. Google’s Android developers have teamed up with Alphabet’s DeepMind researchers to bring deep neural-net enhancements to Android P. The enhancements, which target battery life and screen performance, have been unveiled alongside the launch of the first Android P beta, which is now open to six more handset models beyond Google’s Pixel ... Read More »

Sprint, T-Mobile finalizing merger with John Legere as chief

US wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile could announce a merger as soon as April 29, according to Reuters and CNBC. The merger of the nation’s third and fourth largest carriers could value Sprint at around $26 billion and see more than 127 million customers. Read also: The T-Mobile and Sprint merger T-Mobile’s John Legere (File photo) T-Mobile majority-owner Deutsche Telekom ... Read More »

Building for iOS and Android: Getting started with Google’s Flutter

Google’s new Flutter cross-platform development platform is intended to build code that runs on iOS and Android. Perhaps best thought of as a competitor to Microsoft’s Xamarin, it uses Google’s Dart language, with a C++ runtime and a set of user interface widgets for iOS and for Android, based on each target mobile platform’s look-and-feel. A public beta has recently ... Read More »

iOS 11.3.1 fixes some things, breaks other things

iOS 11.3.1 iOS 11.3.1, an iOS update released to fix unresponsive iPhone 8 handsets repaired with third-party displays, is itself buggy. I’ve come across reports of two issues. The first is an audio skipping issue (which also seemed to be present in iOS 11.3, but iOS 11.3.1 seemed to bring this problem to people who didn’t have it previously). This ... Read More »

18 ways to make the next iPhone the best smartphone ever

Mobility Dell updates Precision, OptiPlex, and Latitude lineups Read More »

Ubuntu Touch lives on in Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone

Video: Smartphones: Is there any innovation left? Not quite five years ago, Canonical tried to challenge Apple iOS and Google Android with Ubuntu Touch, an alternative smartphone Linux. Users, phone carriers, and the open-source community failed to support it, so Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth closed the door on Ubuntu Touch development. But, in open source, programs don’t die until its ... Read More »

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