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MacBook Pro 2018: what we want to see

Apple has quite a lot to live up if it decides to release a MacBook Pro for 2018, both in terms of fan expectations and surpassing its previous endeavors. If you consider that rumors abound of the cheaper MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook arriving in the next few months, the MacBook Pro can’t be far off. Considering it’s been nearly ... Read More »

Best Chromebooks 2018: the 8 top Chromebooks ranked

As Windows laptops finally get longer battery lives thanks to ARM support, the Chromebook continues to thrive without envy. When Google unveiled its original laptop lineup almost seven years ago, it wasn’t clear what the future would hold for them. Today, however, there are 25 million Chrome OS users out in the wild whose eyes have been opening to the ... Read More »

Dell’s revamped XPS 13 ultrabook is already discounted in Australia

The Dell XPS 13 has been spearheading our list of the best laptops for a few years now and we don’t see that changing any time soon, especially since Dell has revised its powerhouse of an ultrabook. The latest version of the XPS 13 is slimmer and comes with plenty of grunt under the hood; it’s the first significant redesign ... Read More »

Best Laptops under Rs 30,000 in India for March 2018

The demand for budget notebooks have always been high, be for a college student or a home user. The sub-Rs 30,000 segment in laptop is a crowded one which is why we have come up with our very own list of entry-level laptops which offer good performance but don’t weigh heavy on one’s pocket. Looking for something portable? Read our ... Read More »

MacBook 2018: what we want to see

In less than three months, it will have been one year since the latest version of the 12-inch MacBook was released onto store shelves and, more importantly these days, onto the virtual shelves of online retailers.  On paper, it had everything we had been barking for from the Macbook since the reintroduction of the product in 2015. The keyboard, powered ... Read More »

The best 13-inch laptops in India

Thirteen inches, it’s possibly the perfect size for a laptop screen. Not too big nor too small, the best 13-inch laptop will sidestep the flimsiness and squint-inducing terror of a smaller netbook, and without the gargantuan form factor of bigger offerings. They’re not all Windows laptops either; Apple fans need not fear,  the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air continue to ... Read More »

Future MacBooks could get a crumb-resistant and spill-proof keyboard

What’s your keyboard’s worst enemy? Spilled coffee? Crumbs or other bits of food (or indeed dust) getting stuck under the keys?  Fear not, because Apple is on the case and looking at developing a crumb-resistant and spill-proof keyboard for the MacBook. At least according to a patent spotted by Digital Trends, in which Apple describes the laptop keyboard concept, noting ... Read More »

Best free Android apps of 2018: 100 you must download

Timbre’s full name is ‘Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3’, and that tells you almost everything you need to know about it: this is an app for cutting, joining and converting files. But the MP3 bit in the name rather undersells it, because Timbre can also work its magic on WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, PCM, AIFF, Ogg, WMA, ALAC, MP4, AVI, ... Read More »

Huawei MateBook X Pro has an awesome pop-up camera, so why copy Apple?

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is an impressive device that packs a lot of high-end features into a compact body – and even has some smart innovation. A little camera pops out of the F6 key when needed, removing the issue of having to cover your webcam if you’re ever worried about being watched secretly. When this feature was announced ... Read More »

Microsoft celebrates 5 years of Surface Pro by discounting the 2-in-1 by $200

Microsoft is celebrating the fifth birthday of its Surface Pro by knocking $200 off the asking price when it comes to the newest model of the 2-in-1. In a blog post discussing the anniversary and the history of the Surface Pro since its launch in 2013, Microsoft notes that starting tomorrow and lasting the whole Presidents’ Day weekend, the price ... Read More »

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