Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Microsoft says 40 percent of all VMs in Azure now are using Linux

Forty percent of all practical machines in Microsoft’s Azure cloud are now using Linux. (Credit: @BrianLinuxing) That stat is pleasantness of a twitter on Oct. 31 from a Microsoft Developer UK account. The tweet, hashtagged as #FutureDecoded, clearly is connected to information that Microsoft officials common during a company’s discussion in London today. Community Manager Brian Byrne (@BrianLinuxing) retweeted a ... Read More »

​Serious Linux heart confidence bug fixed

Most secure Linux server setups exposed to newly detected sudo hole Sometimes aged bound bugs come behind to punch us. That’s a box with CVE-2017-1000253, a Local Privilege Escalation Linux heart bug. This is a problem with how a Linux heart installed Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) executables. If an ELF focus was built as Position Independent Executable (PIE), a ... Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Adding an SSD expostulate to a Pi-Desktop kit

Video: A beam to Raspberry Pi in 60 seconds In my prior post, we wrote about convention and regulating a Farnell component 14 Pi-Desktop kit. we singular that post to a elementary installation, pattern and use of a Pi-Desktop enclosing itself. Now we am going to demeanour during one of a discretionary enlargement possibilities of that kit, adding an mSATA ... Read More »

Cisco and Google partner on new hybrid-cloud approach: Goodzilla

special feature Integrating a Hybrid Cloud As distant and quick as cloud computing is embedding itself into a enterprise, there sojourn many cloud-resistant applications and services. Read More Video: How to collect your cloud partner with confidence On Oct. 25, Cisco and Google announced a new technology partnership, that went by a inner name Goodzilla. This will capacitate Cisco business ... Read More »

Who’s building Linux in 2017?

Installing Linux on your PC is super easy – here’s how to do it I will uncover that it’s probable to install, configure, and use this Linux placement with positively no command-line access. Read More It’s 2017 and Linux manners a computing world. Don’t trust me? The Linux Foundation reports that Linux runs 90 percent of a open cloud workload, ... Read More »

​Linus Torvalds says targeted fuzzing is improving Linux security

Announcing a fifth recover claimant for a Linux heart chronicle 4.14, Linus Torvalds has suggested that fuzzing is producing a solid tide of confidence fixes. Fuzzing involves highlight contrast a complement by generating pointless formula to satisfy errors, that in spin might assistance brand intensity confidence flaws. Fuzzing is assisting module developers locate bugs before shipping module to users. Google ... Read More »

Ubuntu 17.10: Hands-on with Artful Aardvark

Ubuntu 17.10, Artful Aardvark, has now been strictly released. we have not been many of an Ubuntu fan for a prolonged time now, though this recover includes a lot of poignant changes, many of that competence residence some of my many critical objections about Ubuntu. So we consider we should take a closer demeanour during it than we routinely do. ... Read More »

​Windows Subsystem for Linux graduates in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Interested in using Linux on Windows 10 with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), though shaken about it being both a beta and usually accessible in Windows 10 developer mode? Your worries are over. In a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (WinFCU) WSL has graduated to being a Windows 10 feature that can be run by any user. Tested for over ... Read More »

​Long Term Support Linux gets a longer franchise on life

​Linus on Linux’s 25th birthday Linus Torvalds describes Linux’s tip origins. Read More Accessibility: Helping Android strech a subsequent billion users At Linaro Connect, a mobile Linux conference, Google comparison staff operative Iliyan Malchev announced that a Linux heart group had concluded to extend Linux’s Long Term Support from dual to 6 years. This is an huge understanding for Android ... Read More »

Linux presence guide: These 21 applications let we pierce simply between Linux and Windows

Enterprise Software The 25 biggest events in Linux’s 25-year history Read More »

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