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Linux and breakfast cereal: Why are there so many flavours?

Is Linux like a play of cereal? Image: iStock Preface: One of a many common complaints about Linux is that there are too many opposite versions, it is too treacherous and formidable to know that chronicle to use, or that a marketplace or users in ubiquitous would somehow be improved served if there were reduction selection. My response to this ... Read More »

​Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when we can use Linux Mint 17.3 instead?

My friend David Gewirtz recently wrote about a doubt of possibly we should move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a Mac. we have another suggestion: Linux. Specifically Linux Mint 17.3, Rosa, with a Cinnamon desktop. Linux Mint 17.3 is a good deputy for Windows 7. In fact, it’s a good desktop handling complement period. sjvn Yes, I’m serious. ... Read More »

Hands-on: Manjaro-ARM Linux on a Raspberry Pi 2

You should have seen my eyes bug out when we saw a launch proclamation for Manjaro-ARM. This is usually too good to be true! we owe many interjection to a reader who saw a note on DistroWatch even before we did, and mentioned it in a criticism to my prior PiCore post, so putting me on a trail. we unequivocally ... Read More »

Hands-On: More adventures with Manjaro-ARM for a Raspberry Pi 2

In my previous post we distinguished a proclamation of Manjaro-ARM Linux for a Raspberry Pi 2. we commissioned it on my Pi 2 with no problems, and we was prepared to continue experimenting and questioning with dual vital objectives – how complete/stable is it, and what are a chances of removing a i3 window manager operative on it? I’m unequivocally ... Read More »

Raspberry Pi: New NOOBS and Raspbian releases

The Raspberry Pi 2. Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation New placement images have showed adult on a Raspberry Pi Downloads page, for NOOBS 1.6.0 and Raspbian 2016-02-03. There has not been an central proclamation nonetheless (also famous as a Raspberry Pi Blog post), though we assume one will come along really soon. Raspberry Pi: 11 reasons since it’s a ideal tiny ... Read More »

​How to implement Linux Mint on your Windows PC

I consider Linux Mint isn’t customarily a good desktop, it’s a great deputy for Windows. With Microsoft pulling Windows 10 on existing users, people are starting to try alternatives to Windows. I got a series of requests about switching out Windows 7 for Linux Mint 17.3. Here’s how to do it. (Image: ZDNet Download Mint First, we can — and ... Read More »

Here comes a initial Ubuntu Linux tablet

Back in 2010, we was one of a initial people to get my hands on Ubuntu Linux‘s new Unity PC interface. Back afterwards we wrote, “Unity is not only a desktop interface though. It’s also Ubuntu’s one master interface for desktops, netbooks, and someday, tablets.” That day has come. It took a while, yet a initial Ubuntu Linux-powered tablet–the Aquaris ... Read More »

Hands on with Debian GNU/Linux 8.3

The latest point-release refurbish of Debian GNU/Linux (8.3) came out final week, so we motionless to take this event to examination what placement media are available, and how/where they can/can’t be installed. As a starting point, let me make transparent that what we am going to be articulate about here is a Debian stable distribution, now ‘8’ or ‘jessie’, not ... Read More »

​Microsoft buys into Ubuntu Linux on Azure hybrid cloud

Microsoft has embraced Linux on a Azure cloud for some time now. Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Ubuntu are all upheld on Azure. Now, Microsoft is holding a subsequent step: It’s adding Ubuntu to a initial open technical preview of Azure Stack, a customized private and hybrid cloud bundle. Microsoft’s Azure Stack design has room for Ubuntu Linux. ... Read More »

​Vital OpenSSL patch coming

If you’re doing business on a Internet, chances are your servers are regulating OpenSSL for your Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) e-commerce transactions. For example, OpenSSL is used on 98.7 percent of Debian Linux servers. So, when Mark Cox, comparison executive of Red Hat product confidence and a first OpenSSL member, writes a “OpenSSL plan group ... Read More »

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