Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Windows apps on Linux: Wine 3.0 is out now with Direct3D 10, 11 support

Video: Samsung app will spin phone into Linux PC free pdf Special report: The destiny of Everything as a Service SaaS has set off a series in a approach companies devour services on-demand. We demeanour during how it’s swelling to other IT services and transforming IT jobs. Read More Wine 3.0 is now accessible to assistance we run Windows applications ... Read More »

Windows vs Linux: Open source beats Microsoft to win Barcelona’s backing

Video: Supercomputing has an undisputed champion: Linux Here’s Barcelona’s deceit devise to be new heart for digital health, biotech Given a tech skills, thoroughness of universities and hospitals, and swell in funding, Barcelona has factors in common with Boston’s biotech cluster. Read More The City of Barcelona is embarking on a new tech devise to inform exclusive module and reinstate ... Read More »

AMD processors: Not as protected as we competence have thought

Meltdown and Spectre are bad news with a collateral B. While Intel has gotten many of a ink for a pattern mistakes, AMD chips, discordant to what we competence have heard, aren’t totally protected either. In a posting. Mark Papermaster, AMD’s CTO, certified Google Project Zero (GPZ) Variant 1 (Bounds Check Bypass or Spectre) is germane to AMD processors. But, ... Read More »

Hands-On: Raspberry Pi Zero 3-Port USB Hub with Ethernet

The Raspberry Pi Zero has been a consternation given it was initial introduced. So most energy (and so most fun!) in such a tiny package. Ah, though there was a problem, too – such a tiny package, that it didn’t have room for really many connectors, and a ones that it had were smaller than a standard-sized connectors on a ... Read More »

Kali Linux 2017.3 hands-on: The best choice to Raspbian for your Raspberry Pi

Linux distributions designed for confidence analysis, invasion testing, and debate research are all a fury these days. It seems like we can frequency pitch a passed cat (or a passed computer) though attack one. As a dedicated Linux user we cruise that to be a good thing, simply given choice is always good, and it is always good to have ... Read More »

Kali Linux 2017.3 hands-on: The best alternative to Raspbian for your Raspberry Pi

Linux distributions designed for security analysis, penetration testing, and forensic analysis are all the rage these days. It seems like you can hardly swing a dead cat (or a dead computer) without hitting one. As a dedicated Linux user I consider that to be a good thing, simply because choice is always good, and it is always good to have ... Read More »

​Red Hat on a approach to apropos a initial billion-dollar-a-quarter open-source company

must read From Linux to Cloud, given Red Hat matters for each enterprise Today, Red Hat dominates craving Linux. Tomorrow, it wants to order a cloud. Don’t gamble opposite it. Read More The batch marketplace is a bizarre beast. The SEC dangling trade on The Crypto Company, a Bitcoin association that has zoomed adult 17,000 percent in a final 3 ... Read More »

Chromebooks and Office 365 together will plea Windows laptops

review Android apps on Chromebook: Ready for mainstream use? Most, yet not all. Read More Video: Samsung’s new Chromebook Pro hybrid can run Android apps It’s no tip that I’m not a Windows fan. I’m commencement to consternation if Microsoft isn’t either. Hear me out. On Nov. 27, Chromebook users detected that Office 365 would run on some of their ... Read More »

Mint 18.3: The best Linux desktop takes large stairs forward

The rising tragedy between IoT and ERP systems The Internet of Things is a new frontier. However, generations of ERP systems were not designed to hoop tellurian networks of sensors and devices. Read More I run many handling systems each day, from macOS, to Windows 7 and 10, to some-more Linux desktop distributions than we can shake a hang at. ... Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Hands on with Raspbian Stretch and Debian Stretch Pi desktop for PC and Mac

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has expelled a new chronicle of a Raspbian GNU/Linux handling system, formed on a latest Debian GNU/Linux (Stretch), for all models of Raspberry Pi and for PC and Mac systems. Live on Tech Pro Research Commercial drones: Four appearing authorised concerns Licensing of blurb drones has been singular so far, though it won’t be prolonged before ... Read More »

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