Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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New Microsoft collection confederate LinkedIn information directly into Dynamics 365

Microsoft announced some poignant integrations between LinkedIn, a veteran amicable network it bought final year for over $26 billion and Microsoft Dynamics 365, a company’s CRM and ERP suite. It was transparent that when Microsoft paid that most income for LinkedIn, it had skeleton to use that information in other Microsoft products. Those ideas began to emerge final summer with ... Read More »

Mya raises $11.4M Series A to streamline recruiting for retail, room and call core jobs

Recruiting is miserable. The knowledge lacks so many things: transparency, fairness, timeliness and so on that solutions to date have usually addressed partial of a problem. LinkedIn done a resume digital and put people in (mostly) one place. Others have combined labor marketplaces and educational resources to “fix” hiring, though final time we checked employing was still broken. With 11.4 million ... Read More »

Crunch Report | Uber Responds to iPhone Tracking Report

Hi! You are about to activate a Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, a bot will send we a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize a forms of stories it sends you. Click on a symbol next to allow and wait for a new Facebook summary from a TC Messenger news bot. Thanks, TC Team Read More »

LinkedIn’s updated remoteness process covers wider form sharing

LinkedIn sounds like it’s removing a small reduction buttoned down underneath Microsoft — a amicable network has a new chronicle of a Terms of Service going into outcome on Jun 7, 2017, and a changes embody a new remoteness process that covers new and arriving LinkedIn facilities that aim to give profiles some-more visibility, and to make it easier to ... Read More »

Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s feign news, MacBook Pro reviewed, initial tellurian CRISPR-ed

Facebook’s feign news frenzy continued as a association came underneath inspection for a debated influence on a U.S. election, LinkedIn was blocked in Russia and a person was treated with CRISPR record for a initial time. Also, the tellurian class has about 1,000 years left according to Stephen Hawking. But do we merit survival? The existence of Coca-Cola’s selfie bottle points toward no. ... Read More »

European Commission clears a approach for Microsoft-LinkedIn deal

Microsoft’s $26.2 billion merger of LinkedIn looks like it’s ready to go. The company’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith only announced that a understanding has been privileged by a European Commission — a last regulator that indispensable to pointer off on a deal. “As a result, we’ve now performed all of a regulatory approvals indispensable to finish a acquisition, and a understanding ... Read More »

DataSift connects with LinkedIn as the latest amicable selling partner

DataSift, that taps and structures information from amicable networks to yield some-more insights into it, has combined a new partner to its possess network. The association has related adult with LinkedIn — a amicable network for a operative universe with 467 million users that was acquired by Microsoft recently for $26.2 billion — to assistance rise a stronger selling form for LinkedIn by ... Read More »

LinkedIn stairs closer to CRM as it gives Sales Navigator an craving boost

LinkedIn, the social network for a operative universe that is now owned by Microsoft, is sensitively adding some-more facilities to fill out some of its bigger ambitions to yield some-more services to enterprises, drumming into a user bottom of some-more than 465 million professionals. And in a process, it’s also personification on one of a vast themes not usually behind that Microsoft acquisition, ... Read More »

LinkedIn revamps timeline with Trending Storylines: curated, algorithmic news clusters

LinkedIn — the social network for professionals that’s now a partial of Microsoft — has prolonged been operative on ways to get a 465 million users to stay on a site longer and use it for some-more than simply looking for jobs and discerning networking exchanges — partial of a bigger promotion and assembly play — and now comes a latest ... Read More »

LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a apparatus for derisive internet traffic

LinkedIn, a amicable network for professionals that is now owned by Microsoft, is making one of a collection that it has grown in-house for a possess work open for use by others. The association currently announced that it would be open sourcing Flashback, a apparatus for derisive internet trade for developer tests, underneath a BSD two-clause license. In a blog post, LinkedIn pronounced ... Read More »