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HP Spectre x360 (2016)

Introduction, Design, Features Buy one, get a 2-in-1 free? When HP introduced a 13.3-inch flagship convertible, a Spectre x360, in Mar 2015, it didn’t aim Lenovo Yogas or other variety so most as skinny and light laptops like a Apple MacBook Air.Dell XPS 13, with a famous, near-borderless screen. The new Spectre’s left and right bezels are hardly one-third as ... Read More »

Acer Chromebook 15 (2016)

Introduction, Design Features As a Chromebook classification has continued to evolve, we’ve seen all demeanour of class come forth, from ruggedized inclination to aluminum-clad conform statements to business-oriented models that cost as many as a Windows laptop. The 2016 chronicle of a Acer Chromebook 15 shuns all of that. This fiercely budget-minded Chromebook sticks to a progenitor’s roots of an ... Read More »

Acer Predator 15 (2016, GTX 1060)

Introduction, Design Features Acer has been solemnly yet usually building a repute for gaming machines given a initial Predator-branded desktop landed in 2008. (On that front, we many recently reviewed a Acer Predator G1 tiny form cause tower.) It seemed like it took forever, yet Acer finally combined a Predator cover to a lineup in 2015. As we found when ... Read More »

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich promises 10nm Cannon Lake PCs before a finish of 2017

Just a day after Qualcomm denounced a ‘world first’ 10-nanometre (nm) server microprocessor, Intel has changed to encourage business and users that it’s behind 10nm ‘Cannon Lake’ design will be entrance out in PCs before a finish of this year.  Intel had creatively designed to deliver a initial family of 10nm processors someday in late 2016. However, technical hurdles encountered ... Read More »

Lenovo ThinkPad L460

Introduction, Design Features In these capricious times, it’s comforting to see a appurtenance like a Lenovo ThinkPad L460, a reversion to easier days before laptops had things like hold screens, brushed aluminum finishes and little USB ports. The ThinkPad L460 is quintessentially a ThinkPad. That means it’s boxy and rugged. It comes in no other tone than matte black. It ... Read More »

Lenovo ThinkPad P50s

Introduction, Design, Features Which laptops are a beefiest, bulkiest flesh machines? Most of us would substantially contend gaming notebooks, which—despite a flourishing series of slimline solutions—have a repute for being vast and heavy. But that are a subsequent brawniest notebooks after gaming rigs? We’d collect unstable workstations, whose CPUs and GPUs are built for nipping by vast datasets and digest ... Read More »

Acer Swift 7

Introduction, Design, Features Horse races and NASCAR battles spasmodic come down to print finishes, where dual contestants cranky a line side by side and it takes a solidify support to see who was first. Usually these practical ties are staid by a matter of inches. But can we suppose bragging rights being dynamic by one-fiftieth of an inch? Welcome to ... Read More »

HP’s upswing: a second wind, or only an XP-based blip?

DevOps Excellence Awards There are many opposite ways to pierce towards a DevOps culture, and these awards are designed to recognize and applaud a best of each organisation, team, individual, product and tool. Date: 22 Mar 2017 London Read More »

Microsoft Surface Book (2016, Core i7)

Introduction, Design Features Is Microsoft a new Apple? If we still consider of a latter as a association that creates super-slick, eyeball-drawing computing hardware with sleek, silver-metal curves—but punishes wallets with high plaque prices—that badge might indeed might be relocating to Microsoft. Apple still creates sharp hardware, to be sure. But a iPhone 7 and redesigned MacBook Pros have garnered ... Read More »

Lenovo ThinkPad T460

Introduction, Design Features Yes, that’s 5 stars. We’ll put it plainly: The latest Lenovo ThinkPad T460 is a best mainstream business laptop on a market. Full stop. Of course, that isn’t as earth-shattering a matter as it competence seem on a face, given it’s building off a prolonged line of ThinkPad “bests” dating behind to a spin of a century. ... Read More »

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