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IT Priorities

The ultimate technology success metric: owning the customer relationship

Organizations adopting technologies simply to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings have a very limited view of the world. The disruptors in today’s markets don’t see technology as just a way to achieve more efficient processes, they’ve learned to turn their markets upside down to seize ownership of the customer relationship. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s the word from Wolfram Jost, ... Read More »

Microsoft’s newest Windows Server test build adds new storage, failover clustering updates

Microsoft released a new test build of Windows Server 1803 to Insider testers on January 16. This test build, number 17074, is a preview of what’s coming in the feature update to Windows Server (known officially as the “Semi-Annual Channel” release) that is expected to begin rolling out around April 2018. Windows Server 1803 is the server-side complement to Windows ... Read More »

Microsoft: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is ready for business

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release is officially ready for deployment by businesses, officials said on January 11. The Fall Creators Update, a k a 1709, is now considered by Microsoft as “fully available” for all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide. Microsoft began rolling out 1709 on October 17, and officials said it was the fastest Windows 10 ... Read More »

DevOps accelerates, requiring new leadership styles

It’s clear that DevOps initiatives are now underway at a majority of organizations — and the time is ripe for leaders to step forward and take things to the next level. Photo: Joe McKendrick A recent survey of 244 IT professionals from DBMaestro finds the majority (55%) are already using DevOps in at least 20% of their projects. At least ... Read More »

Digital transformation spend to reach $57 billion in LatAm by 2020

Spending related to digital transformation in Latin American markets should reach $57 billion within the next two years, according to research by analyst firm IDC. This represents about 40 percent of all information technology spend, as companies in the region accelerate the delivery of projects related to digitizing products, services and back-office functionality. special feature Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide ... Read More »

Microsoft’s new Unified Support plan may result in price increases

Earlier this year, Microsoft began rolling out the biggest changes in two decades to its Premier customer support program. A few months into that rollout, industry watchers at Gartner are warning that this new plan could result in noticeably higher costs for some customers. Microsoft’s overhaul of its Premier Support organization — the services unit that provides business customers with ... Read More »

The paradox of cloud data: it saves money, but can be costly, too

Video: Four reasons for moving to cloud computing must read What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know from public and private cloud to software as a service An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. Read More Let’s face it. The cloud has the potential for creating many new silos, some ... Read More »

AI and big data converge to improve your airport customer experience

Did you know airports are just as worried about competing for your business as everyone else? Next time you walk through an airport terminal, think about all the systems and processes swirling around you, or could potentially swirl around you, intended to improve your experience there. If you were the CIO or IT director of the facility, what would be ... Read More »

Serverless but not stress-free: enterprise computing moves outside the enterprise

Within the next 10 years, much of the IT infrastructure as we know it will be out in the cloud – yet it will be relatively commonplace to be moving applications back in-house, or between clouds. However, all this new agility will be tempered by the stress of needing to get applications out the door almost minute by minute. L ... Read More »

Decision time is here for blockchain, but are enterprises ready?

Blockchain — the purportedly immutable global database — has been in the headlines for several years now, and it’s looking like 2018 will be the year that IT and business leaders have to decide whether to move forward in a serious way with it. That means, of course, committing both budget dollars and peoples’ time building out capabilities. It also ... Read More »

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