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IT Priorities

Actual business value of DevOps and Agile practices still elusive, survey suggests

For IT executives and professionals, adoption of Agile and DevOps approaches is a no-brainer — encouraging collaboration on software projects at all stages helps get projects out the door faster, with the blessings of the business. Everybody feels better about the deliverable. Photo: HubSpot However, it’s not clear how much value businesses are actually seeing out of such efforts. It’s ... Read More »

The shift away from bimodal is already happening and CIOs need to get on board — fast

Bimodal IT fosters business support for innovative technology projects. Many CIOs have embraced bimodal IT as a way to create relevance for the technology organization in the age of the customer. With marketing, CX, and other teams increasingly building their own development teams or turning to outside agencies for their technology needs, CIOs have recognized that they need to help ... Read More »

Spiceworks survey finds 6% gender pay gap for women IT workers

Women in IT jobs are more likely to have a college degree than their male colleagues but are paid about 6 per cent less. The survey commissioned by Spiceworks, a professional network for IT workers, found that despite the salary and education gap between genders, most IT professionals are happy with their jobs and with their colleagues. The survey polled ... Read More »

DevOps still suffers from silo effect, survey shows

DevOps has been around for some time, and in recent years, has gained traction as a “must-have” across enterprises, as pressure builds to release software in almost hourly spurts, versus the multi-week or multi-month schedules of the past. Photo: Joe McKendrick Of course, for DevOps to succeed, the two main parties in this agreement, developers and operations teams, need to ... Read More »

Why every company needs to run like a software company

If software is eating the world, then every company is becoming a software company. It doesn’t matter if you manufacture tires, generate electricity, or provide health services. Software-driven competitors are ready to eat your lunch. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s why every business needs to learn to get into the software business, providing new types of opportunities — and challenges — ... Read More »

Brazilian IT distributors see revenue drop in 2016

Brazilian technology distributors saw a 9 percent decline in revenue with a R$1billion ($322m) decrease in sales during 2016, according to a study released yesterday. The research carried out by consulting firm IT Data on behalf of the Brazilian Association of Information Technology Distributors (Abradisti) suggests that the decline in sales was prompted by the exchange fluctuations of the US ... Read More »

RSA and the expanding hole in cybersecurity

A large hole outside the RSA security conference in San Francisco. There were record numbers of people, exhibitors, talks and awards at the recent RSA Security show in San Francisco. Yet we have widening security holes in enterprise systems that continue to be discovered and exploited. You could buy every product and service at the RSA show from hundreds of ... Read More »

Machine learning will boost the enterprise user experience

Many of the applications running today’s enterprises are not built to help organizations understand or improve the user experiences of their customers. New types of intelligence — in the form of machine learning behind the scenes — may help put data to use in boosting the custumer experience and user experience. Photo: IBM Media Relations That’s the word from Mike ... Read More »

7 ways design thinking is percolating into the enterprise application space

Think of design thinking, and the work of creative types dabbling in forms and colors come to mind. But today’s design professionals are becoming a critical part of the application development process, and design thinking is just as essential to application success as functionality and connectivity. Photo: Joe McKendrick As John Maeda and co-authors with Design in Tech, put it ... Read More »

CIO playbook: Digital transformation at scale

For many organizations, the digital transformation journey has passed from jargon and hype to planning and execution. The journey that fraught with challenge because it often involves change around technology, people, and business model. The impact of digital transformation on the CIO and IT is considerable. Aside from the obvious technology impacts – data and analytics must become a way ... Read More »

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