Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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IT Priorities

APIs and platforms start to flex their business muscles

Amazon’s proclamation that it is buying Whole Foods is another instance of a alloy holding place between online providers and earthy stores. The possibilities for a destiny of food purchasing and smoothness are endless, from pick-up and go to same-day, drone-based deliveries. Photo: Joe McKendrick The squeeze also points to another trend moulding a business space that is slicing opposite ... Read More »

Micro Focus appoints LatAm head

British program organisation Micro Focus has promoted a Brazil conduct as Vice President for Latin America. Under his new role, Leone will hoop both a Brazilian and informal operations. The executive will continue to occupy a position of ubiquitous manager for Brazil. Read this 50 years and still going strong: Will we ever be prepared to kill off COBOL? Each ... Read More »

Without craving architecture, a Internet of Things is just… things

With a arise of a Internet of Things, there’s never been a some-more vicious time for craving architects. Photo: Joe McKendrick In a new piece in AnalyticsWeek, Jelani Harper discusses how craving design — contracting containers and microservices — helps well-spoken a trail to IoT. “Microservices are generally good matched for a IoT since of a machine-to-machine ability of a ... Read More »

SAP eyes serve expansion in Brazil

Cristina Palmaka, president, SAP Brazil: “The proceed we grasp good formula has changed” SAP Brazil appears mostly unscathed by a country’s retrogression as it becomes some-more appealing to clients from a tiny and center craving (SME) shred and prepares to woo internal business with Leonardo, a value trove of next-generation technologies. The Brazilian auxiliary has reasons to be cheerful: augmenting ... Read More »

More changes entrance to Microsoft’s Windows as a Service strategy

Microsoft is stability to tweak a Windows as a Service updating and patching strategy. Company officials announced some of a latest adjustments during final week’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Windows as a Service on a Microsoft Tech Community site. Microsoft officials have been hinting that a association is operative to align a patching and updating strategies for Windows 10 ... Read More »

Microservices: The latest turn in distributed computing

There’s a new call of record — generally microservices and containers — that seeks to mangle down all a monoliths and silos that have sprung adult opposite craving systems over a years. But is this unequivocally a new mode of computing, or simply, as they say, aged booze in a new bottle? Photo: Joe McKendrick This and other questions were ... Read More »

​CIO Diary: Lessons from a FCC bot-swarm attack

Photo Creative Commons by Rob McDonald from Flickr No one ever pronounced that being a Chief Information Officer is easy. As if CIOs don’t have adequate to worry about, we can now supplement API-driven bot attacks to a list. One of a many highly-regarded CIOs in a world, David Bray from a FCC (who is also a visit guest on ... Read More »

Security as a Service? We wish it, contend IT leaders

Until recently, confidence was cloud’s Achilles Heel. Now, many are branch to a cloud itself to yield indispensable security. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s one of a takeaways of a new survey of 401 IT professionals, expelled by Insight, a record services provider. Overall, a consult shows, IT professionals graded their stream IT infrastructure an normal of “B,” a middle uptick ... Read More »

Actual business value of DevOps and Agile practices still elusive, consult suggests

For IT executives and professionals, adoption of Agile and DevOps approaches is a no-brainer — enlivening partnership on program projects during all stages helps get projects out a doorway faster, with a blessings of a business. Everybody feels improved about a deliverable. Photo: HubSpot However, it’s not transparent how most value businesses are indeed saying out of such efforts. It’s ... Read More »

The change divided from bimodal is already function and CIOs need to get on house — fast

Bimodal IT fosters business support for innovative record projects. Many CIOs have embraced bimodal IT as a proceed to emanate aptitude for a record classification in a age of a customer. With marketing, CX, and other teams increasingly building their possess growth teams or branch to outward agencies for their record needs, CIOs have famous that they need to assistance ... Read More »