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IT Management

About a Premier 100 Technology Leaders Awards

For a past 18 years, a Computerworld Premier 100 module has had a payoff of noticing record and business leaders from a extended operation of organizations who have displayed well-developed record care in their organizations, fostered ideas and artistic work environments, envisioned innovative approaches to business problems and effectively managed IT strategies. Unfortunately, given new changes in a editorial dialect ... Read More »

What happens to IT when tellurian firms retreat

The early 1990s were a smashing time for tellurian firms. China, India and a countries of a former Soviet Union non-stop their markets, and a European Economic Area (now a EU) was established. Businesses began to sequence their handling indication and created, in a difference of IBM’s CEO Sam Palmisano, “the globally integrated enterprise.” Today, a series of tellurian firms ... Read More »

Healthcare CIO advocates a faster pierce to a cloud

With some-more than 35 years of health IT experience, UC Irvine Health CIO Chuck Podesta has witnessed a thespian expansion of IT as good as a impact that record has had in transforming medical operations and studious care. That said, Podesta believes a medical attention still lags in certain areas, quite in a adoption of cloud computing and a efforts ... Read More »

Why we adore online calendars (and the bosses)

IT commander fish gets an email one morning from his boss: Can we reschedule a half-hour one-on-one assembly from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.? “That assembly is ostensible to be biweekly, yet we haven’t had it for 6 weeks since emergent government events keep preempting it,” says fish. “But we replied ‘Sure’ and went into Outlook, non-stop adult only that ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Fastest flourishing tech skills and certifications in 2017: 30 and 30

[Author’s Note: This is a initial in a two-part array highlighting a fastest flourishing and top profitable approved and noncertified tech skills during 3,038 U.S. and Canadian employers.] If you’re new to this space we might be unknowingly that some-more employers than ever are profitable their tech workers additional money over and above income for specific approved and noncertified tech ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Device-as-a-service creates device tenure and government a thing of a past

There’s a seismic change function in a tech attention today, with subscription-based services on a vital ceiling trajectory. With everything-as-a-service (XaaS), companies can tailor their computing sourroundings to figure a practice they wish and support a record needs of an ever-evolving workforce. The device-as-a-service (DaaS) indication in sold is anticipating a receptive assembly among companies looking for a new proceed ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: The manners of rendezvous for customer-obsessed organizations

Customer rendezvous used to meant a drastic moment—the knowledge that became a mythological story of patron use since it was odd and unexpected. Back then, business mostly had small choice though to simply accept a use that they received. When well-developed use truly happened, it meant someone had left out of their proceed to align themselves with a patron need, ... Read More »

CIO Career Coach: Bringing a product government mindset to IT

CIO | May 12, 2017 In a universe where program drives income for many organizations, CIO.com blogger Martha Heller demonstrates a significance of bringing a product government mindset to IT. Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Amazon successfully fights off pricebots

One large downside of a engorgement of e-commerce selling bots out there currently is that they emanate a sense of a disproportion when there might not be one. If we might give my dual cents’ worth, is a two-cent disproportion meaningful, generally when shipping prices are distant some-more than that? Significant disproportion or not, shoppers adore them. And even some-more ... Read More »

The ‘cobots’ are coming. Is your IT group ready?

At Creating Revolutions, an worker affectionately nicknamed “Manuel Noriega” assembles a small components of a patron use paging device. Unlike other employees of a startup, Manuel works for hours, day in and day out, yet lavatory breaks or medical benefits. Meet today’s drudge workforce. Manuel is a collaborative drudge (or cobot) that’s assisting Creating Revolutions build electronic tabletop inclination for ... Read More »

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