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Those that can, work. Those that can’t…

It’s a year or two past Y2k, and this pilot fish’s dream IT job is about to turn into a nightmare. “I was working with a fellow named Barney, and the two of us supported all facets of IT for a $7 million manufacturing division of a larger corporate entity,” says fish. “Barney and I had inherited a hodgepodge of ... Read More »

Forecast 2016: 5 disruptors to keep on your radar

You’ve honed your list of hot technologies to focus on in 2016, but you also need to make longer-term plans and prepare for changes that are fast approaching by keeping an eye on developments just now taking shape. What should be on your radar screen as we head into the new year? The 182 IT professionals who participated in the ... Read More »

What CSOs should do in their first days

It used to be common for new chief security officers to come in with guns blazing. The security personality stereotype was a machismo type who wanted to be seen as the hero in saving the company’s network from all the villains trying to get in. But times have changed. In today’s corporate setting, if a CSO enters the building with ... Read More »

There’s book-smart and then there’s phone-smart

It’s the early 1990s, and this IT pilot fish and his boss are working on a project to replace the aging administrative systems for a state university system. “We had office space in the IT building of one of the universities, but also had a larger classroom space on the main floor of that building, room 123, assigned to us ... Read More »

Ways $460 million military contract for cyber bombs could attack targets

For years, the U.S. has expressed concerns about potentially tainted supply chains. Some of the tech contained ‘trapdoors’ for espionage. Yet according to Fidelis Cybersecurity CSO Justin Harvey, Chinese state-sponsored attackers, in recent times have been “leaving behind something much more sinister: logic-bombs. The theory is that these logic-bombs are being left behind so that in the event of a ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Digital business lessons from the world of Formula One

In addition to the blistering excitement of race day, the world of Formula One is well known for its technology innovation and advancements that later find their way into the consumer auto industry. Examples include a multitude of innovations related to engines, transmission, braking and safety. With all the interest in digital transformation in the business world, what can the ... Read More »

VMware CIO: ‘I’ve worked for a lot of evil people in my career’

When you’re the CIO of a company that sells to CIOs, you’ve got to figure there’s a good chance you’re going to be asked to do more than just keep the servers running. “If you ask my CEO, he’ll say, ‘You’re the voice of customers,'” said Bask Iyer, who was hired in March as CIO and senior vice president at ... Read More »

How CISOs and CEOs must work together

For as long as there has been security, there have been difficulties, and differences of opinion, between the CISO and CEO. These two professionals, sporting vastly different backgrounds, have typically had different skills, mind-sets and business objectives, and this has ultimately affected communication and even the way security has been approached by each company. A lack of buy-in from the ... Read More »

Now we know what they’re NOT paid the big bucks for

Previous Post Because parts is parts, right? Read More »

All for One IT, and One IT for me

This company implements a concept called “One IT,” and it sounds great to a pilot fish working there — at least in principle. The idea is simple: “If there was a big IT problem, all available people from all IT departments would scramble to put the fire out,” says fish. “But since there were only two IT departments at our ... Read More »

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