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Now we know what they’re NOT paid a large bucks for

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All for One IT, and One IT for me

This association implements a judgment called “One IT,” and it sounds good to a commander fish operative there — during slightest in principle. The thought is simple: “If there was a large IT problem, all accessible people from all IT departments would hasten to put a glow out,” says fish. “But given there were usually dual IT departments during a ... Read More »

How bad a trainer is Linus Torvalds?

I’ve famous Linus Torvalds, Linux’s inventor, for over 20 years. We’re not chums, yet we like any other. Lately, Torvalds has been removing a lot of flack for his government style. Linus doesn’t humour fools gladly. He has one approach of judging people in his business of building a Linux kernel: How good is your code? Nothing else matters. As ... Read More »

Why IT and Operations are on a collision course

What would we do if we found out some of a program using your association was behind report on dozens of rags and updates — including vicious confidence rags that were several years out of date? You competence consider that could never happen. You’d be wrong. CIOs in enterprises opposite many industries are finding that surprisingly superannuated and purpose-built applications ... Read More »

9 in 10 directors support regulatory movement on cybersecurity

In a investigate expelled this morning, 9 out of 10 corporate house members pronounced that regulators should reason businesses probable for breaches if they haven’t taken reasonable stairs to secure patron data. This was a warn to Veracode, a association that conducted a investigate jointly with a New York Stock Exchange. “I consider they feel that their companies are creation ... Read More »

IT and a entrepreneurial age

Take note: IT can create, or it can destroy, an organization’s ability to be entrepreneurial. If your IT classification isn’t nurturing entrepreneurship, you’re in trouble. The age of entrepreneurship is on us. The craving — a entire craving — has to turn entrepreneurial, definition that it has to proactively adjust to fast changing circumstances.   The universe is experiencing exponential ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Employees are a force that enables patron success

In today’s customer-driven market, it’s easy to disremember a worker experience. But if companies concede patron concentration to overrule their caring for their employees, they will remove a really force that enables patron success. The existence currently is that there hasn’t been adequate importance on a worker experience. Consider this: Bluewolf’s new news showed that 70% of respondents contend they ... Read More »

Forrester’s tip 10 predictions for business in 2016 — and what they meant for tech

2016 will be a year of movement for companies. It will be a year that a companies that flower will be those advancing down a patron mania trail — while those that downplay their customers’ needs will start to swab away. The good news? You and your record teams have a vicious purpose in assisting — and in some cases, ... Read More »

Read CW’s Nov monthly digital magazine!

Register to download a Computerworld Digital Magazine! In a Nov 2015 issue: IT and Operations on a Collision Course Computerworld Long autonomous, IT and operations are now forced to work together, spurred by increasingly formidable digital inclination that poise fearsome cybersecurity threats. Microservices Mania Good things might come in tiny packages, though microservices can benefaction vast hurdles for program focus ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Act-On finds a new CEO. Will this give them a boost they need?

There is a bit of a revolving doorway among a incomparable record vendors and an augmenting series of smaller cloud vendors ar being led by Salesforce alumni. This is a healthy progression, as execs get wearied with a larger, some-more official and reduction nimble existence of a multi-thousand worker company, smaller organizations turn attractive. For a smaller companies, there is ... Read More »

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