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CIO Leadership Live with Cynthia Stoddard, senior VP and CIO at Adobe | Ep 10

CIO | May 23, 2018 ‏In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Cynthia Stoddard, SVP and CIO at Adobe. Their hour-long conversation covers a range of topics, including IT innovation and ROI, data strategy, automation, machine learning and AI, and the new IT roles at Adobe. Read More »

CIO Leadership Live, with guest Jack Clare, CIO and chief strategy officer at Dunkin’ Brands

CIO | May 9, 2018 In this episode of CIO Leadership Live, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Jack Clare, CIO and chief strategy officer at Dunkin’ Brands, about the company’s mobile payment, ordering and loyalty apps, and how it’s striving to improve customers’ drive-through experience. Read More »

CIO Leadership Live with Klara Jelinkova, CIO of Rice University | Ep 7

CIO | Apr 11, 2018 Maryfran Johnson talks with Klara Jelinkova, Rice University’s CIO, on a range of topics, including the responsibility of senior women in IT to mentor the next generation and how the university’s GDPR project was an opportunity to talk with business unit leaders and stakeholders about data security and privacy. Read More »

6 hot digital transformation trends – and 4 going cold

CIO | Apr 15, 2018 Now considered essential to driving profits, digital transformations are shifting from platform-first strategies to initiatives that leverage emerging technologies in service of clear customer and operational goals. Read More »

8 essential sites for researching your next employer

CIO | Apr 2, 2018 Landing a job interview feels great, but how much do you know about your potential employer? Job listings often illicit more questions than provide answers. Knowing where to find inside information can mean the difference between getting a job from a great company and heading down the wrong path. Read More »

Technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

CIO | Apr 3, 2018 From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year. Read More »

7 goals every project manager should aspire to achieve

CIO | Mar 25, 2018 Project managers must look beyond requirements, budgets and timelines to ensure they are executing high-impact, high-visibility projects with a direct line to the organization’s overall strategic goals. Here’s how to be recognized by executives and stakeholders as an indispensable strategic partner. Read More »

12 reasons why digital transformation fails in the enterprise

CIO | Mar 22, 2018 Lack of CEO sponsorship, talent deficiency, resistance to change — if you’ve encountered any of the following issues, you may want to rethink your digital transformation before it grinds to a standstill. Read More »

The new social media imperative: Distance yourself

Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages of both Tesla and SpaceX on Friday. Should you and your company do the same? Just like Musk, you have to guard your professional reputation — and the reputation of your company. That means you can’t be associated with criminal, shady or pornographic social sites. Establishing and maintaining a public, named presence on 4chan, ... Read More »

10 tips for making your self-evaluation more meaningful

CIO | Mar 20, 2018 Whether you think your company uses the information or not, self-evaluations are a necessary device for professional development. Here’s how to make the most of the dreaded self-evaluation process. Read More »

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