Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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​Facebook: We sucked your iPhone battery dry

iPhone battery drain: Facebook blamed CPU spin and audio using silently in a background. Image: Apple A Facebook operative has explained because a app was removal a life out of iPhone batteries – though insists a problem wasn’t caused by continuous plcae tracking. The reason by Facebook operative Ari Grant came alongside an refurbish to a iOS app and a ... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6s Plus creation and ecosystem keep it in my slot (Return date decision)

The lapse duration for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus, see my full review, expires today. Tomorrow, a iPhone 6s Plus will still be portion as my primary smartphone. I never buy a smartphone with a vigilant to lapse it, yet in some cases a phone doesn’t accommodate my expectations so it gets sent back. Apple’s lapse process used to be ... Read More »

Apple Focuses On 3D Touch With New iPhone 6s Ad

Apple denounced a new ad for a iPhone 6s. It follows a same capillary as a prior ads, observant “the usually thing that’s altered is everything.” This time, a association focuses on 3D Touch, one of a many critical new facilities in a iPhone 6s. It takes a time to explain how a look and cocktail gestures work. You light ... Read More »

Apple Faces $862M In Damages After Patent Lawsuit Loss To University Of Wisconsin

Apple is no foreigner to obvious lawsuits, though a some-more new fit filed by a University of Wisconsin-Madison’s chartering bend might infer a dear detriment for a iPhone maker. A United States jury found that Apple’s A7, A8, and A8X chips, that are benefaction in a iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and a new iPhone 6S (plus some models of a ... Read More »

iPhone, iPad chip obvious better leaves Apple confronting outrageous bill

The chips inside Apple’s iPad and iPhone violate a obvious belonging to a University of Wisconsin. Image: ZDNet Apple could owe a University of Wisconsin adult to $862m in indemnification after a jury found it disregarded a obvious covering processors found in a iPhone and iPad. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) filed a suit on interest of a university ... Read More »

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Toutes Les Pommes

In box we missed it, that would indeed be utterly difficult, Apple had a press event this week. The association denounced new Apple Watch wristbands, a new Apple TV and remote, a iPad Pro (which is massive), a Apple Pencil (lol) and two new generations of a iPhone. Suffice it to say, it’s been a prolonged week, even with Labor ... Read More »

Just how waterproof is a new iPhone 6s?

There have been countless claims done that a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are waterproof and that Apple has kept this underline a secret. There’s a good reason since Apple doesn’t publicized this. When we listened about this we was skeptical. After all, Apple is not a arrange of association to keep new facilities a secret, generally if a ... Read More »

3D Touch Is Apple’s New Secret Weapon

I’m here to regard Apple again. Sorry. we have to do it. It’s not in my agreement nor am we paid to do it – suppose if we were! We’d be rich! – though after manhandling a iPhone 6S Plus it’s extravagantly transparent that Apple has detected another breakthrough. And they are surprisingly dispassionate about it. Apple’s initial interface breakthrough ... Read More »

How Apple can supplement wireless charging to iPhones regulating haptics and speakers

An Apple obvious ask published on Thursday suggests a association is during slightest thinking about how it competence supplement wireless charging to iPhones. The obvious filing, spotted by Apple Insider, could supplement a underline but adding any bulk to a phones. Normally, handset makers embody a set of coiled handle for a energy transfer; even yet a wires are thin, ... Read More »

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