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iPhone 7: It’s time for creation and reinvention, not gimmicks

When a iPhone initial debuted behind in 2007, it was both an innovative and disruptive product. Here was a smartphone that had no earthy keyboard, though instead was built from a belligerent adult to be driven by a finger. It featured a pattern that would be copied, ripped off, and emulated by all a players in a smartphone market. See ... Read More »

Apple Tumbles 6.5% After Growth Flattens

Normally, around a 6.5% percent dump in a batch cost is rather poignant though substantially wouldn’t be deliberate a huge deal. But it’s a opposite story for Apple, where a 6 percent dump erases tens of billions of dollars in value. That’s accurately what happened during trade currently following a company’s gain news final night, that signaled a company’s initial intensity sales ... Read More »

Apple reportedly adding wireless charging to iPhone

Apple is operative with supply partners on new wireless charging record that allows a iPhone to be charged serve divided from charging mats used with stream smartphones, reports Bloomberg. The feature, that has nonetheless to be confirmed, could give a iPhone an corner over competitors, while creation a further a initial for Apple’s flagship smartphone. The association has stranded with ... Read More »

Apple’s iPhone Grows 0.4% Yearly With 75 Million Units Sold In Q1

Apple currently reported sales of 74.8 million iPhones, 16.1 million iPads, and 5.3 million Macs in a Q1 gain news today. Apple’s initial entertain includes holiday sales, as a three-month duration ends Dec 31, 2015. As such, it was ostensible to be one of Cupertino’s best buliding of a year. Plus, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus both went ... Read More »

iPhone sales case while a iPad goes into a nosedive

The final entertain was an peculiar hit-n-miss for Apple, though a hardware sales information suggests that large difficulty could be appearing in a future. See also: Is a iPhone only too damn expensive? First, iPhone sales. Yes, clever sales, yes, record sales, though year-on-year section sales expansion is a zero, with income expansion during 1 percent. Q1 is historically Apple’s ... Read More »

iPhone ‘cookie theft’ smirch took 3 years to fix, contend bug finders

One of a bugs bound in iOS 9.2.1, released on Tuesday, could have authorised an assailant to burlesque iPhone and iPad users. What done one innocuous-looking, run-of-the-mill confidence patch get some-more engaging is how prolonged it took Apple to fix. UPDATE TODAY Apple updates OS X, iOS 9 with confidence fixes The association releases iOS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.11.3 ... Read More »

The Repeat Political Madness Of Never-Ending Crypto Wars

What is it with politicians and encryption? There are now two bills in opposite U.S. states, one in California and one in New York, proposing that smartphones sole in a state must be means to be decrypted on approach by possibly their manufacturer or OS provider. Ergo the full hoop encryption underline offering by Google on Android or Apple on iOS would — if these bills are signed into law ... Read More »

Now California state wants to anathema sale of encrypted smartphones

(Image: CNET/CBS Interactive) California: home of a world’s biggest record companies, terrible bagels, and a usually place that can humour both drought and floods during a same time. Despite a state’s low tech roots, California’s legislature is deliberation banning inclination that come with unbreakable encryption. SECURITY As New York looks to anathema encrypted smartphones, here’s what we can do A ... Read More »

Get Ready For A Smaller iPhone 6s Mini

Are we reading this post on an iPhone 5s? Chances are a iPhone 6s is too large for your ambience and you’re now holding onto your infallible iPhone 5s. But it’s time to rejoice! Many leaks prove that a smaller 4-inch iPhone is in a works — and there’s a code new one from M.I.C Gadget. It’s misleading when it’s ... Read More »

iPhone 6s fake battery reading? Now Apple probes a bug

Many iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users reported improper battery percentages after they had manually altered a time. Image: Apple Apple is looking into because a battery indicator on a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is giving a fake reading. According to a new support document, owners competence notice that a battery commission “doesn’t update” if they manually change ... Read More »

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