Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Apple also doubles storage on old iPads and makes high-end iPad Pro models cheaper

Apple hasn’t mentioned the iPad during its press conference, but it doesn’t mean that the company has no news for the device. The iPhone 7 finally starts with 32GB of storage, and the iPad is also receiving a storage bump. The 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros already start at 32GB, so only old iPad models are getting more gigs. In ... Read More »

The $999 SlingStudio makes it easy to produce multi-camera Facebook Live and YouTube streams

Sling Media, the Dish subsidiary you probably know for its Slingbox and Sling TV service, is announcing its SlingStudio hardware today. With this, Sling Media is entering a completely new market because unlike its previous offerings, which targeted consumers, the $999 SlingStudio is meant for video creators who want to produce live video streams for Facebook Live or YouTube. Typically, that’s ... Read More »

There’s a handy shortcut menu hidden on your iPhone or iPad

AssistiveTouch can make navigating around iOS and accessing often-used features much quicker and easier. I use my iPhone more than any other bit of kit I own. Every day that thing gets a good 16+ hour workout, but there are times when I feel certain features that I use regularly are buried from view or require finger acrobatics on the ... Read More »

Apple could stop updating the iPad mini

Rumor has it that Apple is about to unveil a brand-new iPad in just a few weeks. But what about the iPad mini? According to a new report from BGR, the iPad mini is not going to receive an update. In fact, the iPad mini could be reaching the end of the road. At WWDC, Apple could be unveiling a ... Read More »

With one small tweak, the iPad could replace the laptop

CNET/CBS Interactive While 2-in-1 and convertible PC sales are on the rise, the iPad is floundering. And yet in many ways, the iPad — particularly the high-end iPad Pro — is a far superior machine to most enterprise laptops out there. What’s the missing ingredient? See also: Microsoft should have left Windows XP to rot and die It seems that ... Read More »

This concept video shows some great improvements for iOS 11

2017 is no different — I still hate concept videos. But Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett teamed up once again to design some of the changes they’d like to see with iOS 11. It’s more convincing than your average concept video. In particular, this video focuses on iOS for the iPad. The Shelf is an interesting new feature. You can ... Read More »

iPad Pro vs MacBook: Which to buy and why

When I noticed my 13-inch MacBook Air was getting heavy, I decided to look at lightening my load. The two obvious choices were an iPad Pro or the latest MacBook. Why not a Windows Ultrabook? Simple: I’m invested in both of the Apple operating systems. I have Windows 7 and 10, and have run them on my Macs, but I ... Read More »

Get ready for a new iPad and a mysterious Siri speaker at WWDC

According to reliable analyst KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo and 9to5mac, Apple is about to launch not one but two new hardware devices at its WWDC conference in a few weeks. A new iPad with thinner bezels and a bigger screen is likely. This iPad has been rumored for months. There could also be an Amazon Echo competitor from Apple. As the ... Read More »

As Chromebook sales soar in schools, Apple and Microsoft fight back

Few saw the Chromebook coming. When it launched half a decade ago, the category was broadly maligned for its limited feature set, middling hardware specs and operation that required an always-on internet connection to work properly. But things change in five years. In 2015, the category overtook MacBooks in the U.S. for the first time ever, selling around two million units ... Read More »

Why Apple should stick with the Lightning port (but probably won’t)

There are mixed reports relating to the connector that Apple will use for the upcoming iPhone 8. Some suggest that Apple will shift to the USB-C standard — as it did with the new MacBook Pro — while others are suggesting that Apple will stick with Lightning. Must read: Better, faster, more reliable Wi-Fi in six easy steps cloud tv ... Read More »

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