Monday , 19 February 2018
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Report: Apple skeleton to harmonize iOS, Mac apps subsequent year

This time subsequent year, we might be means to buy an iOS app and run it on your Mac if a new Bloomberg report proves true. According to a report, Apple is now operative on a plan codenamed “Marzipan.” The idea of a plan is to make it probable for iOS developers to simply move their apps to macOS. Right ... Read More »

Google launches 3 initial print apps for Android, iOS

CNET/CBS Interactive Google on Monday launched 3 initial photography apps for iOS and Android to exam initial record like intent recognition, chairman segmentation, stylization algorithms, fit picture encoding, and decoding technologies. Google is job a 3 apps, Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies, partial of “appsperiments” inspired by Google’s Motion Stills app. The initial app Storyboard for Android transforms videos into single-page ... Read More »

Google Project Zero ‘tpf0’ feat whets ardour for iOS 11 jailbreak

Live on Tech Pro Research Commercial drones: Four appearing authorised concerns Licensing of blurb drones has been singular so far, though it won’t be prolonged before use starts expanding. In them meantime, CXOs need to consider and devise for probable authorised ramifications. Read More Google’s Project Zero iOS bug hunter Ian Beer has expelled sum about an iOS 11 feat ... Read More »

Windows is gaining on iOS in a preparation market

Microsoft Windows is creation gains in a K-12 preparation marketplace in both a US and a rest of a universe according to new numbers from Futuresource Consulting. Credit: Futuresource In a US, Microsoft’s gains are entrance especially during Apple’s expense, not Google’s. According to Futuresource’s information for Q3 2017, shipments of mobile inclination (notebook, Chromebook, tablet) using Windows in a ... Read More »

Has your iPhone started incidentally crashing today? Here’s because and how to repair it

Has your iPhone, iPad, or iPod hold started crashing incidentally today? Have we beheld your iPhone – or iPad or iPod hold – crashing today? You’re not alone. And yes, it’s another weird, pointless iOS bug that’s to blame. Must read: The Apple products we shouldn’t buy for a holidays Forum user Eccanz describes a problem good over on a ... Read More »

iOS 11.2 is out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iOS 11.2 is out It’s time to refurbish your iOS inclination – again. Must read: The Apple products we shouldn’t buy for a holidays The biggest further in terms of new facilities in iOS 11.2 is Apple Pay Cash, a underline that allows we to send, request, and accept income from friends and family with Apple Pay regulating Messages or ... Read More »

Apple releases iOS 11.1.1, fixes autocorrect bug on iPhones and iPads

(Image: Apple) Apple has expelled iOS 11.1.1 to iPhone and iPad users, regulating a integrate of tiny though irritating bugs that have been plaguing users. Must read: Is your iPhone’s battery life terrible on iOS 11.1? Here’s a proxy workaround Two bug fixes are listed in a recover notes: A repair for the predictive keyboard bug where pointless impression like ... Read More »

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone is going to get some-more unwieldy and overly complicated

Video: For a iPhone X, a cost is a whole lot some-more than a sum of a parts Remember when Microsoft done radical user interface changes in Windows 8, usually to have to make some-more tweaks and backtracking in response to criticism, causing nonessential hassles for finish users? Looks like Apple is carrying a identical problem with iOS. Must read: ... Read More »

Apple releases iOS 11.1.2 to repair iPhone X shade issues in cold weather

(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet) Shortly after a iPhone X launched, users complained that a arrangement became nonchalant when regulating a phone in cold weather. Apple concurred a emanate and betrothed a repair around a destiny program update. On Thursday, Apple expelled iOS 11.1.2 with a fix. Additionally, a refurbish is ostensible to repair an emanate with a iPhone X and a ... Read More »

Microsoft to confederate third-party confidence information into the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service

Microsoft is partnering with other confidence vendors to confederate their macOS, Linux, iOS and Android confidence things with a Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. Credit: Microsoft On Nov 8, Microsoft announced the initial 3 such partners — Bitdefender, Lookout and Ziften. These companies will feed any threats rescued into a singular Windows Defender ATP console. With Defender ATP, ... Read More »

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