Monday , 18 December 2017
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Top iOS news of a week: Serious iPad Pro bug, large holiday sales expected, no merging OS X and iOS

Tim Cook: No merging of OS X and iOS Pundits are mostly speculating that Apple is on a verge of merging a dual OSes into one. The evidence is customarily presented that it creates clarity to have usually one height for a prolonged term. It’s also settled that Apple has been bringing mobile functionality to OS X for a while. ... Read More »

What does a "Pro" in iPad Pro unequivocally mean?

What does a “Pro” in iPad Pro unequivocally mean? And does job a device a “Pro” mechanism meant it’s an craving device? Perhaps Apple should have called a new incomparable iPad a iPad Plus. Maybe afterwards people would be articulate about it differently. I have a speculation on since that didn’t occur – some-more about that after – nonetheless let’s ... Read More »

Why a 4-inch iPhone 6c in early 2016 creates some-more clarity than a iPhone 5c did

A second researcher is presaging that Apple will recover a 4-inch iPhone by itself before a center of subsequent year. And distinct a iPhone 5c that came and went with small open fanfare, this time around, there’s good reason for Apple to change adult a iPhone product launch cycle. Kevin Wang, China’s IHS Technology Research director, suggested on Weibo that ... Read More »

Top iOS news of a week: Firefox, Apple melancholy Intel, iWorks updated

Tim Cook travels with only iPad Pro and iPhone Apple CEO Tim Cook fanned a glow on a “iPad is good enough” discuss with a new acknowledgment that he doesn’t use a laptop when travelling. He settled that he now travels with an iPad Pro and iPhone, withdrawal a MacBook behind. He substantially has an Apple Watch along, too. Source: ... Read More »

Hands on with iPad Pro: First impressions

I don’t know that we indispensable to, yet we woke adult during 3am ET time this morning, only to make certain we could sequence an iPad Pro. In hindsight — and after many cups of coffee — it incited out we didn’t need to. tough choice Apple iPad Pro or 12-inch MacBook? Read More As of time of writing, we ... Read More »

Apple iPad Pro online orders start Nov 11 in 4 dozen regions

The iPad Pro will hurl out fast to a far-reaching series of countries around a world starting with online pre-orders Wednesday, Nov 11 in 4 dozen regions. Apple Stores, carriers and name retailers will have a vast inscription accessible dual days later. iPad Pro debuts in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, ... Read More »

Top iOS news of a week: Top ad revenues, iOS 9 adoption rate, 4-inch iPhone

Rumor: 4-inch iPhone in 2016 ‘Insiders” explain that Apple will furnish a 4-inch iPhone subsequent year. In this box a insider is an researcher with a reasonable lane record for presaging new products from Cupertino. The 4-inch phone is approaching to be most like a iPhone 5s though with a steel surrounding like some-more new iPhones. According to a researcher ... Read More »

Analyst: A 4-inch iPhone may soon be in Apple’s future (again)

After launching the iPhone 5c as a budget-friendly phone, will Apple consider doing the same with a different model? Yes, says KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an above average track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s future product plans. Kuo taps into Apple’s supply chain partners for his insights and in his latest analyst report, he says ... Read More »

This iOS app could move indoor plcae services in Apple Maps

This weekend, an iOS app to consult indoor locations seemed quickly in a iTunes App Store and after disappeared. Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith speckled a Indoor Survey app, that is no longer permitted for download. Read this After 6 months, practice start to uncover Apple Maps might be improved than Google Maps Read More Upon initial glance, it looked like Indoor ... Read More »

Top iOS news of a week: $1.7 billion Apple Watch revenue, Outlook update, 48 million iPhones

Apple Watch a billion dollar product Figures from Apple expelled this week uncover $1.7 billion in Apple Watch sales in a initial 5 months. Apple isn’t disclosing section sales numbers yet it’s transparent a Apple Watch is branch into large business for a company. The total were listed in a “Other Products” difficulty in association financials, that Apple simplified to ... Read More »

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