Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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IBM and University of Melbourne benefaction seizure prophecy system

Researchers from IBM and a University of Melbourne have grown a proof-of-concept seizure forecasting complement that approaching an normal of 69 percent of seizures opposite 10 epilepsy patients in a dataset. The system, that a scientists explain is “fully automated, patient-specific, and tunable to an individual’s needs”, uses a multiple of deep-learning algorithms and a low-power “brain-inspired” computing chip to ... Read More »

Enterprises join hyperscale cloud providers to extract server, storage sales in Q3

Video: Hybrid cloud vs open cloud vs private cloud Server sales surged in a third entertain as enterprises started shopping systems to join hyperscale cloud players such as Amazon and Google, that have been propping adult a market. According to IDC, third entertain tellurian server income strike $17 billion, adult 19.9 percent from a year ago. The launches of Intel’s ... Read More »

How blockchain can renovate a production industry

Blockchain technologies have a intensity to radically change a face of manufacturing, according to Syncron. Blockchain, many ordinarily compared with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is a digital bill record that can be used to store and record transactions. As annals along a sequence are stored and distributed opposite nodes in a network, it is really formidable to reproduce records, creation ... Read More »

​IBM’s AI shrinks call forecasting complement to run on a Raspberry Pi

Video: US to deposit $258m in supercomputer competition with China IBM researchers have grown a call forecasting complement that’s so lightweight it can run simulations on a Raspberry Pi. Normally, calculating wind, tides, and a ocean’s varying inlet to foresee waves competence need a supercomputer, though a complement grown by scientists during a University of Notre Dame and IBM Research ... Read More »

NCI doubles supercomputer throughput with Power

NCI’s Raijin cluster Image: Supplied The supercomputing marketplace is mostly dominated by x86 architecture, of that Intel boasts a infancy of a marketplace share. According to manager of high opening computing (HPC) systems and cloud services during a National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Dr Muhammad Atif, when there is usually one large vendor, they do their possess thing, that formula in ... Read More »

IBM outlines 50 qubit quantum computing prototype

IBM pronounced it is advancing on a efforts to commercialize quantum computing with a 50 qubit processor antecedent and online entrance to 20 qubit processors by a finish of 2017. The association will outline a advances during an IEEE conference. IBM has pronounced that it skeleton to commercialize quantum computing, a breakthrough that will capacitate new applications for a accumulation ... Read More »

Now China outguns US in tip supercomputer showdown

Video: US to deposit $258m in supercomputer competition with China China now not usually has a fastest supercomputer in a world, though it also has some-more supercomputers in a list of a 500 fastest than any other nation. China now has 202 supercomputers in a Top500, adult from 159 6 months ago when a US still led with 169 supercomputers. ... Read More »

IBM Watson to learn Australian jargon for Suncorp claims process

Suncorp has introduced IBM Watson into a online claims complement that processes some-more than 500,000 engine claims each year, to assistance a insurer improved know a resources of a explain and settle liability. Using IBM Watson’s Natural Language Classifier, a complement analyses patron descriptions of engine car accidents; however, as a descriptions are mostly created in a conversational way, IBM ... Read More »

IBM Cloud Private launches with gamble open design wins hybrid cloud scrum

IBM launched new program designed to emanate cloud local applications for on-premises information centers. The effort, called IBM Cloud Private, is a latest spin on a hybrid cloud. Vendors are formulating converged infrastructure, bringing managed cloud services to a information core and forging partnerships to residence hybrid cloud deployments. For instance, Google has partnered with Cisco. Amazon Web Services has ... Read More »

IBM brings 3D stacking to FlashSystem

IBM has announced countless advancements to a all-flash storage solutions, with a company’s latest 3D three-level dungeon (TLC) FlashStorage record earnest augmenting storage firmness of prior generations, aloft opening and peep endurance, and adult to 60 percent rebate in information ability costs. By augmenting a distance of particular peep memory cells to 3 pieces per dungeon and stacking a cells ... Read More »

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