Thursday , 26 April 2018
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​No vast taxation check sees IBM Australia slot AU$40m 2017 profit

IBM Australia has done a financial formula for 2017 available, stating to a Australian Securities and Investments Commission it raked in AU$40 million in after-tax profit, some-more than double a 2016 AU$16.8 million lull. Revenue for a 12 months to Dec 2017 was reported as AU$2.8 billion, a diminution from 2016’s AU$3.2 billion. Receipts from business totalled AU$2.6 billion, while ... Read More »

IBM: Our in-memory computing breakthrough will cut cost of training AI

Video: How good can hard drives get? IBM hits one bit per atom. IBM Research says it’s developed a new approach to in-memory computing that could give it an answer to the hardware accelerators for high-performance and machine-learning applications sought by Microsoft and Google. IBM’s researchers describe its new ‘mixed-precision in-memory computing’ approach in a paper published today in peer-reviewed ... Read More »

AI augments and amplifies tellurian cognition

Video: Ethics and responsibilities: Should boundary be placed on tech? Watch a video pronounce above or review a full twin below. Tonya Hall: Amplifying strength and fluctuating reach. Hi I’m Tonya Hall for ZDNet and fasten me is Rob High, Chief Technology Officer for IBM Watson. Welcome Rob. Rob High: Thank we Tonya, conclude that. Tonya Hall: What is your ... Read More »

IBM says breached annals forsaken by scarcely 25 percent to 2.9 billion final year

According to a news from IBM Security, some-more than 2.9 billion annals were leaked worldwide from publicly disclosed incidents in 2017, a dump of scarcely 25 percent over a prior year, that saw over 4 billion records sent into a wild. The IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2018 attributes a nearby 25 percent dump in breaches to cybercriminals instead changeable ... Read More »

IBM’s cloud plan revolves around multi-cloud support, grabbing new workloads

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty will outline a company’s multi-cloud devise and design as a association aims to be a overpass between a information core and private and open clouds and squeeze new workloads that revolve around synthetic intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing. At IBM’s THINK discussion in Las Vegas, IBM is surveying a array of tools, services and technologies to ... Read More »

IBM turns Watson into a voice partner for enterprises

Video: Watson Marketing Insights: IBM’s complicated artillery for personalized campaigns IBM is branch a cognitive computing height Watson into a new voice partner for enterprises. The Watson Assistant combines dual Watson services — Watson Conversation and Watson Virtual Agent — to offer businesses a some-more modernized conversational knowledge that can be pre-trained on a operation of intents. IBM pronounced a ... Read More »

Apple, IBM supplement appurtenance training flesh to craving iOS pact

Apple and IBM are rolling out new set of integrations that enhance on their existing pact to move craving apps to iOS devices. Image: IBM First, a companies are linking adult their particular AI and appurtenance training technologies to make craving iOS apps smarter. The companies are also charity a new developer console that lets Swift developers use a IBM ... Read More »

IBM Think 2018 postmortem: Making obligatory enterprises good again

Video: Portrait of a complicated multi-cloud information center special feature Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide Reimagining business for a digital age is a number-one priority for many of today’s tip executives. We offer unsentimental recommendation and examples of how to do it right. Read More IBM Chairman Ginni Rometty expelled a clarion call to an locus packaged with roughly 20,000 ... Read More »

Warren Buffett is now roughly out of IBM and heavily into Apple

Warren Buffett invested heavily in IBM in 2011, when a dual companies had roughly a same annual revenues, yet totally opposite trajectories… Investor Warren Buffett spent decades avoiding record stocks, so he captivated a lot of courtesy when he bought shares in IBM. It was seen as a opinion of certainty in a struggling company’s strategy, that was calming to ... Read More »

IBM’s new launch: PAIRS Geoscope aims to be hunt for geospatial large data

Video: How KenSci uses appurtenance training and AI to envision finish of life Read this Cloudera aims to move real-time queries to Hadoop, vast data Cloudera’s Impala open source devise is now a open beta. The association also launches a real-time query services as a second subscription offering. Read More IBM Research has launched a cloud analytics use to bond ... Read More »

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