Tuesday , 17 October 2017
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Groundhog Day is here again and we can live tide it

Update: It looks like we’re in for an early Spring, according to Phil, a Groundhog. From a GoPro-wearing tip hatted member of a middle circle, to a proclamation poem containing mentions of hoverboards and drones it seems that Punxsutawney Phil has done it into a benefaction day with a bang. Let’s wish he doesn’t mind too much. Original essay below. ... Read More »

Netflix’s The Characters is 8 opposite blueprint shows in one

On a heels of a award-season success of Master of None, Netflix’s latest strange comedy series, The Characters, promises disharmony with an eight-episode blueprint uncover with “no rules” and “no limits.” Netflix has some-more or reduction handed a reins of any part to comedians, boasting, “No one else would do this. Seriously.” The Characters puts 8 comedians in assign of ... Read More »

Star Wars: Episode IX to be shot on film, too

Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out hardly a blink ago and Star Wars: Episode VIII isn’t due compartment Dec 2017, though already we have one critical fact about a final film in a mini trilogy, Episode IX. The movie’s director, Colin Trevorrow, suggested during a Sundance Film Festival that a next, subsequent Episode will be shot on film and ... Read More »

Batman v Superman trailer reminds us because these dual are fighting

The latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer reminds us because these dual have a… irritable relationship. Previous trailers have underscored a latter partial of a movie’s title, showcasing Batman and Superman banding together opposite other villains. Here, however, it’s all about a ‘versus’. The trailer starts by reminding us that Superman regards Batman as a vigilante, while Bruce ... Read More »

Netflix’s arriving indie films won’t be segment locked

It has been a large month for Netflix. First a global launch, afterwards a proclamation that it passed 75 million subscribers, and now a video streaming organisation has skeleton to take reason of a indie film stage by phenomenon 5 new films forward of Sundance. The indie flicks will cover opposite genres, from a scary fear film called we Am ... Read More »

UPDATED: Australia’s best streaming services compared

Updated: The Stan app is now accessible on Xbox One consoles with console-exclusive features, and a local Presto app is now accessible on a operation of inclination – sum below! Netflix might be a heading internet TV use in a US, though a streaming hulk has some unbending foe down under, and not usually from obligatory Quickflix. Netflix assimilated a ... Read More »

Star Wars: Episode VIII delayed till December 2017

Disney has announced the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII is delayed to December 15, 2017, so we’ll have to wait longer before we get more of a hint about who Rey’s parents really are. Episode VIII was originally scheduled to be released around the Memorial Day weekend (May) in 2017, so we’re looking at a delay of about 7 ... Read More »

2016: The Golden Age of TV Tech

Sony: HDR all a way Sony has announced a 2016 operation of HDR-compatible TVs, all set to be accessible early this year. There are 3 new models – a high-end Sony XBR-X940D, a smaller Sony XBR-X930D and a Sony XBR-X850D series. That tip TV is a 75-inch slimline savage with a full-array proceed LED backlighting system, while a XBR-X930D array ... Read More »

Amazon Prime bonus membership function this weekend only

If you’ve been watchful to get an Amazon Prime subscription, this weekend might be a time to pointer up. To applaud winning dual statues for a strange array Mozart in a Jungle during final Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards, Amazon Prime subscriptions will dump from $99 to $73 this weekend only. The bonus will be accessible starting tomorrow during 9pm PT ... Read More »

New X-File trailer lands with a UFO crash

A rebooted X-Files is about to land with a crash in only 9 days, or so we assume with a new trailer that starts with a UFO crashing to Earth and Fox Mulder asking, “Are we prepared for this?” The six-episode reboot is set to premiere over dual nights on Jan 24 and 25, bringing behind a favorite protagonists, Mulder ... Read More »

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