Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Microsoft orders OEMs to ‘be more cool’ to sell more Windows 10

Data that does more: Top 12 financial services solutions Financial services are dependent on data intelligence, and with visual analytics, you can see the whole story. This allows you not only to better visualise and explore information, but gain insight and make better decisions through being better informed too.. Download Read More »

When batteries explode (plus one that doesn’t)

SINCE THE Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco taught us all to fear things without plugs again, the question is being asked repeatedly, “how can we make batteries safer?”.  Now a professor from Tufts University has demonstrated a new design which can stand up to the rigours of a pair of scissors without bursting into flames. Mike Zimmerman recently showed office ... Read More »

Tenth anniversary iPhone could cost more than $1,000

The tenth anniversary Apple iPhone – which will either be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X – could cost as much as $1,000, or around £950, according to reports.  The eye-watering price for Apple’s next flagship iPhone would make it between $50 and $100 more expensive than the $969 that the company charges for its current flagship, the iPhone ... Read More »

Google AI’s zoom and enhance photo tech gives you nowhere to hide

ONE OF the coolest bits in Blade Runner is where Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is examining a photograph and uses voice control to get his computer to zoom… then enhance… the detail. We’ve got the voice control bit already, but what about the enhancing photos bit? Google Brain, the company’s AI team, may have the answer with a paper called ‘Pixel Recursive ... Read More »

ZTE’s first smartwatch ‘Quartz’ under development: Report

Details of the ZTE Quartz smartwatch are light. ZTE’s first Android smartwatch, codenamed the ZTE Quartz, leaked Tuesday courtesy Evan Blass of VentureBeat, but it’s not clear when it may launch. Details of the Quartz smartwatch are light, but it was spotted in a filing with the Bluetooth SIG under a ZW10 model name. The filing indicates a round-face smartwatch ... Read More »

Quantum computing might not be as secure as first thought, claim physicists

Researchers at the University of Ottawa claim that quantum computing may not provide the virtually ‘unbreakable’ security that, it has been claimed, the nascent technology could offer.  The physicists at the University claim that they were able to build a “quantum cloning machine” that was able to intercept a “secure quantum message”.  Their research suggests that initiatives such as China’s ... Read More »

LG: 5K UltraFine monitor borkage caused by shonky WiFi shielding

LG HAS ADMITTED that a lack of RF shielding is to blame for an issue that caused its UltraFine 5K monitor to malfunction if placed within reach a WiFi router.  LG’s 5K monitor acts as a spiritual successor to Apple’s Thunderbolt display, with the firm selling it directly as for use with its MacBook Pro laptops.  Last week it was ... Read More »

How to fast-charge your smartphone or tablet

Not a greatest of ways to start a long work day or business trip! Picture this: You’re leaving your home or office in 20 minutes and your smartphone’s battery is almost dead. You now want to get the maximum charge into it in the least amount of time possible. What do you do? Here’s the best method I’ve found, and ... Read More »

Apple hits iPhone sales record with iPhone 7, but iPad and Mac sales continue to falter

IT Leaders Club The IT Leaders Dining Club is an exclusive, invitation-only organisation comprising the UK’s top CIOs, CTOs and other technologists and business leaders. Date: 18 Jan 2017 London Read More »

People do not bully driverless cars because they can’t see that they are driverless

ACCORDING TO THE KIND OF RESEARCH THAT MAKES US WONDER WHY, people are not bullying driverless cars yet because they do not know that they are driverless cars. This seems unusual. People in the UK would beep their horn at a pedestrian if they fell over in the middle of the road holding a Faberge egg and a newly hatched ... Read More »

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