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Hard Drives and Burners

Plextor S2G M.2 SSD (PX-256S2G)

Introduction, Design Features For the longest time now, entry-level SSDs have all been 2.5-inch SATA drives. Because that form factor has been around forever (or at least since the late 1980’s), and most users looking for a low-cost solid-state drive are probably rocking a PC with a standard hard drive bay. But that’s quickly changing now that even budget laptops ... Read More »

Crucial MX300 (1TB)

Crucial, Micron’s memory sub-brand, is seemingly the first solid-state drive (SSD) maker to employ a strategy in the SSD world formerly used mostly by food trucks and boutique eateries: the “pop up.” Usually, a local company provides diners with a really small menu in the back of an existing business on one particular evening, and if the menu is successful enough ... Read More »

Toshiba OCZ VX500 (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features Ever since Toshiba announced it was acquiring OCZ at the end of 2013, the two companies have continued to release solid-state drives (SSDs) under both brand names. But that’s started to change with the introduction of the new, co-branded Toshiba OCZ VX500. The VX500 was designed as a replacement for the OCZ Vector 180Toshiba Q300 ProOCZ RD400OCZ ... Read More »

WD My Passport (2016, 4TB)

It’s 2016, and it can’t be easy to get people excited about new lines of portable, platter-based hard drives these days. With 1-terabyte (1TB) models selling for as little as $50, and performance close enough across most models and brands that only benchmark tests will illuminate any differences, they’ve long been relegated to commodity status. To stand out, Seagate recently ... Read More »

ADATA Ultimate SU800 (512GB)

With the Ultimate SU800 solid-state drive (SSD), ADATA is throwing its hat into the ring for 3D triple-layer-cell (TLC) NAND-based SSDs. It’s the company’s first drive to use this new type of vertically stacked memory. In 2015, ADATA released a TLC-based drive named the ADATA Premier SP550, and the Ultimate SU800 is a successor to that drive. We’re not really sure ... Read More »

WD Blue SSD (1TB)

Introduction, Design Features As one of the few remaining giants of the hard drive space (alongside Seagate and Toshiba), Western Digital (WD) ships plenty of drives, both in pre-built laptops and desktops, and as bare drives for everything from servers to DIY system builds. But every company needs to look to the future, and the future of of hard drives, at ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 960 Pro (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features How fast do you need your storage to be, and how big is your budget? These are the two questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for cutting-edge storage here at the end of 2016. Unless you’re truly cash-strapped and don’t do much more than basic tasks, we’d strongly suggest stepping up to some sort of ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 850 EVO (4TB)

A general rule in the world of commerce: You can tell how successful a certain product is by the number of different ways you can buy it. For example, when you look at a car maker’s lineup, you can often tell which model sells the most by the one offered in the most colors. Solid-state drives (SSDs) and cars may ... Read More »

Toshiba OCZ TL100 (240GB)

Introduction, Design Performance (Part I) These days, you’ll find seemingly endless kinds of solid-state drives (SSDs) for sale, from high-end PCI Express add-in cards that are so speedy they need heat sinks, to drives the size of a stick of gum that slot into little M.2 ports on recent motherboards and slim laptops. You’ve also got SSDs that use different ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 960 EVO (500GB)

Introduction, Design Features Samsung has made quite a reputation for itself in the solid-state-drive (SSD) sphere over the past five years, starting with its SSD 830 Series drives and really hitting its stride with the SSD 840 series that followed. The SSD 840 EVOSSD 850 EVO, which again featured an all-new type of NAND memory: 3D TLC NAND. It was ... Read More »

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