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Hard Drives and Burners

ADATA Ultimate SU800 (512GB)

With a Ultimate SU800 solid-state expostulate (SSD), ADATA is throwing a shawl into a ring for 3D triple-layer-cell (TLC) NAND-based SSDs. It’s a company’s initial expostulate to use this new form of plumb built memory. In 2015, ADATA expelled a TLC-based expostulate named a ADATA Premier SP550, and a Ultimate SU800 is a inheritor to that drive. We’re not unequivocally certain ... Read More »

WD Blue SSD (1TB)

Introduction, Design Features As one of a few remaining giants of a tough expostulate space (alongside Seagate and Toshiba), Western Digital (WD) ships copiousness of drives, both in pre-built laptops and desktops, and as unclothed drives for all from servers to DIY complement builds. But each association needs to demeanour to a future, and a destiny of of tough drives, during ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 960 Pro (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features How quick do we need your storage to be, and how vast is your budget? These are a dual questions we need to ask yourself when offering for cutting-edge storage here during a finish of 2016. Unless you’re truly cash-strapped and don’t do many some-more than simple tasks, we’d strongly advise stepping adult to some sort of ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 850 EVO (4TB)

A ubiquitous sequence in a universe of commerce: You can tell how successful a certain product is by a array of opposite ways we can buy it. For example, when we demeanour during a automobile maker’s lineup, we can mostly tell that indication sells a many by a one charity in a many colors. Solid-state drives (SSDs) and cars might ... Read More »

Toshiba OCZ TL100 (240GB)

Introduction, Design Performance (Part I) These days, you’ll find clearly unconstrained kinds of solid-state drives (SSDs) for sale, from high-end PCI Express add-in cards that are so rapid they need feverishness sinks, to drives a distance of a hang of resin that container into little M.2 ports on new motherboards and slim laptops. You’ve also got SSDs that use opposite ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 960 EVO (500GB)

Introduction, Design Features Samsung has done utterly a repute for itself in a solid-state-drive (SSD) globe over a past 5 years, starting with a SSD 830 Series drives and unequivocally attack a walk with a SSD 840 array that followed. The SSD 840 EVOSSD 850 EVO, that again featured an all-new form of NAND memory: 3D TLC NAND. It was ... Read More »

Plextor M8Pe M.2 NVMe SSD (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features Plextor has been a actor in a solid-state expostulate (SSD) diversion for years now. (And like Plextor, a primogenitor company, Lite-On, has been in a incomparable storage business for decades.) But with a new M8Pe drive, Plextor is pulling all of a (flash) chips into a pot. This is a nothing-held-back, flagship SSD designed to offer a limit ... Read More »

Toshiba OCZ RD400 (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features Memory-maker OCZ has been personification a solid-state expostulate (SSD) diversion given a early days, and over time grown a repute as a go-to if we wanted a really, really quick SSD. Though a association was famous best for charity overclocked RAM kits, a SSDs were some of a fastest available, and they helped concrete a company’s mark ... Read More »

Thecus N2810

Introduction, Design Features Back in 2014, we sampled an entry-level drive, a N2310, from a lesser-known builder of network-attached storage (NAS) inclination named Thecus. It was a initial time evaluating a product from a company, and unfortunately a float was rocky. The NAS in doubt had some issues in a testing; a section finished adult being bricked by a firmware ... Read More »

Promise Technology Apollo (4TB)

It’s not unequivocally mostly we get to write a phrase, “We’ve never seen this before,” yet that’s positively loyal in a box of Promise Technology’s Apollo drive. Now, Promise Technology’s name competence sound tip-of-the-tongue familiar. The association is a maestro of a storage market, best famous given a 1990s for a tough expostulate and RAID controllers—mostly, as a behind-the-scenes member player. ... Read More »

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