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Hard Drives and Burners

ADATA XPG SX8000 (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features For utterly a while now, a shorthand chronicle of assessing a opening and value of any solid-state expostulate (SSD) has been to ask, “How does it mount adult to a Samsung?” That’s a tough yardstick to magnitude adult to, since Samsung is one of a few companies with both a large RD bill and a production chops ... Read More »

Team Group T-Force Cardea M.2 PCI-e SSD (240GB)

Introduction, Design Features How do we get your premium-priced M.2 solid-state expostulate (SSD) to mount out in a swarming marketplace dominated by large companies like Samsung, Intel, and Toshiba? If you’re Team Group (a Taiwanese association that also sells RAM, USB peep drives, and memory cards), a resolution is to slap a large red cooler on a tip of a ... Read More »

WD My Book (8TB)

At a risk of dating ourselves, not usually do we remember when a highest-capacity tough expostulate we could buy was 10 megabytes (10MB), yet some of us here during Computer Shopper indeed owned machines with this trifling volume of storage in them. (A few of us go all a proceed behind to when PCs had no tough drives at all, ... Read More »

Seagate Duet

At initial glance, a Seagate Duet doesn’t demeanour expected to shake adult a unstable storage market. Though tiny and slim, it’s not a plain state expostulate yet an old-school spinning tough drive, with all that that entails in terms of incomparable disadvantage to knocks and drops. Nor does it seem a bargain, with 1TB of ability for $99.99 exclusively during ... Read More »

TerraMaster F2-220

Introduction, Design Features We were a bit endangered during a initial demeanour during a TerraMaster product lineup. We were not informed with this builder of network trustworthy storage (NAS) drives, and a company’s trademark seemed a bit too tighten to that of maestro PC-accessory maker/DIY aficions Cooler Master (which is not a relation) for comfort. But as it turns out, ... Read More »

Crucial MX300 Limited Edition (750GB)

Introduction, Design Features Crucial’s MX300 Limited Edition is a bit of a depart for a company, and it represents a changing of a guard—or is, during least, a messenger of one—in core solid-state expostulate (SSD) tech. How so? Crucial’s MX-series drives have always been during a tip of a company’s product stack, notwithstanding being midrange models, with a BX drives ... Read More »

ADATA SE730 External SSD

One demeanour during a ADATA SE730 External SSD, and we can tell: This is a destiny of a storage that you’ll lift around. We all know that many unstable storage, eventually, will be solid-state (that is, not a spinning drive), and as a result, rapid and tiny. And that’s what a SE730 brings to a table: durable, quick gigabytes that will ... Read More »

Samsung SSD 750 EVO (500GB)

Introduction, Design Features For a past few years, Samsung has successfully executed a two-tier devise in a solid-state expostulate (SSD) lineup, charity a Pro indication for enthusiasts and professionals, and a reduction costly EVO indication for those on a budget. It has worked utterly well, too, as a Pros have confident users peaceful to compensate a reward for performance, and ... Read More »

Transcend ESD400 Portable SSD (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features As plain state drives (SSDs) have turn some-more and some-more affordable over a past few years, we’re starting to see them fill roles that used to be indifferent only for tough drives. The many notable, of course, is as a operating-system/boot expostulate for laptops and PCs. But now, SSDs are also creation inroads into a universe of ... Read More »

Transcend ESD400 Portable SSD (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features As solid state drives (SSDs) have become more and more affordable over the past few years, we’re starting to see them fill roles that used to be reserved just for hard drives. The most notable, of course, is as the operating-system/boot drive for laptops and PCs. But now, SSDs are also making inroads into the world of ... Read More »

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