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Hard Drives and Burners

WD Blue 3D SSD (M.2, 1TB)

These days, it seems, 3D NAND memory is entrance around for a revisit to each vital builder of solid-state drives (SSDs), and it’s not going home. Now it’s Western Digital’s spin to be host. WD is throwing a shawl into a ring for 64-layer 3D TLC-based SSDs with a new line of Blue drives. (See a examination of a non-3D chronicle ... Read More »

SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD (1TB)

The vast storage maestro SanDisk, now a skill of Western Digital Corporation (WDC), is jumping into a unexpected prohibited diversion of 3D TLC NAND. That might sound like a nerdiest parlor diversion ever, yet it’s indeed customarily a latest trend in SSD technology—and where a volume sales in a SSD marketplace are moving. The new Ultra 3D SSD is indeed ... Read More »

Plextor S3C (256GB)

PCI Express NVMe drives competence be scooping adult all a excellence in a SSD marketplace these days, yet simple SSD upgrades that contrition your tough expostulate on speed are still a lion’s share of what sells. With that in mind, Plextor is going after a vast slice—entry-level SSDs—with a latest family of drives, a S3 series. Plextor positively has a fingers in ... Read More »

Crucial BX300 (240GB)

Introduction, Design Features It’s a bit of a bizarre time in a solid-state expostulate (SSD) world. After scarcely a decade of creation saw opening pulling ever aloft and prices plummeting steadily, things have some-more or reduction intended off—at slightest when it comes to drives using on a normal Serial ATA (SATA) bus. While NVMe-based M.2 drives (such as Samsung’s flagship ... Read More »

ADATA SD700 External SSD (512GB)

ADATA is no foreigner to a universe of ruggedized, unstable drives. Over a past year or so, a association has expelled a array of engaging expostulate designs meant for being crushed and bashed, trimming from bite-size units with SSDs inside such as a ADATA SE730 External SSDADATA SD710A. With a examination section today, a ADATA SD700, a association is going ... Read More »

WD My Passport SSD (1TB)

Introduction, Design Features Solid state drives (SSD) have been stomping a hulk footprint onto a storage universe over a past few years—a distance 14 EEE foot ragged by some tiny, tiny chips. We positively adore them in a desktop PCs, yet they are creation customarily as vast an impact in a mobile world. By their flash-memory nature, they have no ... Read More »

Plextor M8SeY NVMe Solid State Drive (512GB)

Introduction, Design Features Plextor has been creation an assertive pull into a solid-state expostulate (SSD) universe for some years now, and with a latest line of PCI Express-bus SSDs, it’s looking to plant a dwindle in a high finish of a SSD market. Dubbed a M8Se family, a newest flagship SSDs are a follow-up to a prior expostulate set called ... Read More »


Introduction, Design Features QNAP creates some severely swanky network trustworthy storage (NAS) drives, and a all-new TS-253B, designed for little offices or home energy users, is no exception. It comes bristling with new technology, and it redefines what we can come to pattern from high-end NAS boxes in a nearby future. The many poignant core differentiator in this NAS section is ... Read More »

Intel SSD 545s Series (512GB)

If Samsung is a 800-pound chimpanzee of a solid-state-drive (SSD) world, Intel rates as during slightest a 400-pounder—a midsize simian. The association is improved famous as a chip giant, to be sure, yet it has a vast footprint in SSDs, too, and it’s behind in a diversion with an updated chronicle of a entry-level Serial ATA (SATA) SSD, regulating some ... Read More »

ADATA Ultimate SU900 (512GB)

From a perfect “SSD buzz” indicate of view, over a past year or so, 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) SSDs have receded into a background, while newer and faster PCI Express drives have dominated a headlines. Plenty of SATA SSDs still sell, of course; indeed, in larger volume than their PCI Express kin. It’s usually that a luscious specs and a gaudiest ... Read More »

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