Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Ev Williams’ Obvious Ventures Invests In Solar Software Company Sighten

Evan Williams’ try firm, Obvious Ventures, has led a $3.5 million investment into solar financing and supply sequence program developer Sighten. Sighten looks like it provides collection for solar installers and plan developers to optimize their shopping energy and urge a potency of their installations. There are already a series of solar companies, including a integrated installation companies, that have picked adult manufacturers ... Read More »

Kinetic Battery Startup Ampy Raises Seed To Shrink To Fit Wearables

Kinetic charging battery startup Ampy — that creates a wearable gangling battery container charged by tellurian transformation — has sealed an $875,000 seed round led by Clean Energy Trust and NewGen Ventures. Angel investors including Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871; Steve Olechowski, co-founder of FeedBurner; and John DiNardi, co-founder of Norlux also participated. The Chicago-based startup says it will be regulating a new appropriation to work ... Read More »

SolarCity Beat Revenue Expectations With $114 Million In Q3 2015 Earnings

Analysts approaching SolarCity’s income to strike $111 million in third entertain 2015. But a solar appetite association kick expectations with a nearby $114 million strike in income announced in earnings today. That’s a 95.2 percent year-over-year increase, violence estimates by $2.43 million. This was “driven by increasing installations and high complement opening in a seasonally clever Q3,” according to a ... Read More »

Angaza Raises $4M To Make Clean Energy Affordable For World’s Poorest

Often, off-grid farming villages in places like Africa have their electricity generated by appetite devices, like solar panels and batteries, donated by non-profit organizations and charities. The problem, however is that indication is not tolerable and relies of nonetheless some-more free hand-outs. What’s compulsory is to make purify appetite scale in confident way. Luckily a arise of a mobile phone ... Read More »

PubNub Expands Series C To $25M, Banks On IoT To Boost Business On Its Messaging Network

PubNub, a startup that has built a information network that carries messaging for apps, IoT hardware and other low-latency services, is now announcing that it has extended and sealed a Series C round. The San Francisco-based association has lifted $25 million, appropriation that it will use to sharpen a concentration on Internet of Things applications and hardware as good as purify appetite and ... Read More »

Green Bits Launches Point Of Sale Service For Cannabis Shops

Originally, we was perplexing to come adult with a unequivocally whip-smart title for this…like: “Weed Is The Gateway Drug For Gateway Point Of Sale Services,” but there was no need. The news is simple: A super-smart organisation of folks that sold a association ( to GoDaddy has launched a indicate of sale use privately directed during shops offered cannabis. They’re called ... Read More »

SolarCity Creates A 22% Module-Level Efficient Solar Panel

Solar panels guarantee a lot – a cleaner, cheaper, renewable appetite source, harnessed from a abounding rays of a sun. But a record combined to lift in that object appetite can usually go so distant per block foot, depending on a panel. SolarCity, a sun-powered startup founded by Elon Musk’s cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive, announced currently that it has ... Read More »

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