Saturday , 24 March 2018
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Toyota’s hydrogen fuel dungeon trucks put to work in Port of LA pilot

Toyota has hydrogen fuel dungeon ride trucks that beget no internal emissions, and that have 670 horsepower and an 80,000-pound sum weight capacity. The powertrain includes dual of Toyota’s Mirai fuel cells, and a 12kWh battery charged by a cells. Toyota is now using a judgment chronicle of a lorry along pilot routes that run around 200 miles per day, ... Read More »

LG to open Europe’s largest EV battery bureau in Poland subsequent year

LG is opening Europe’s largest bureau for building lithium-ion batteries unfailing for use in electric cars, a association announced. Its LG Chem multiplication is going to open a doors for a trickery in 2019 in Poland nearby Wroclaw, per Reuters, and a trickery will be means to supply as many as 100,000 EV batteries per year commencement subsequent year. For ... Read More »

Deutsche Post DHL to muster self-driving smoothness trucks by 2018

At Nvidia’s GTC Europe discussion today, one of a company’s partners minute skeleton to move an unconstrained smoothness swift to handling standing starting in 2018. Deutsche Post DHL Group wants to put trucks on a highway in partnership with automobile retailer ZF by that time frame, regulating electric light ride vehicles versed with ZF’s Nvidia-based ProAI self-driving system. DPDHL will ... Read More »

Puerto Rico administrator says ‘Let’s talk’ after Elon Musk offers to solve a island’s energy crisis

Puerto Rico’s energy grid has been many demolished in a arise of whirly Maria. It now has a once in a lifetime event to reconstruct and a island’s administrator Ricardo Rossello wants to have a discuss with Elon Musk about his new offer to use Tesla batteries and solar energy for a a job. Only 10 percent of a island ... Read More »

Tesla done usually 260 Model 3 cars in Q3, though is ‘confident’ it can repair bottleneck

Tesla has released a quarterly car prolongation numbers for a third entertain of 2017, that it says was a “all-time best entertain for Model S and Model X deliveries” — nonetheless it was not a good entertain for prolongation of a Model 3, of that usually 260 were made. This was distant underneath likely totals, that Tesla ascribes to “production ... Read More »

DFJ’s Steve Jurvetson thinks Elon’s Boring Co. will win with brief tunnels first

Noted Silicon Valley financier and SpaceX financier Steve Jurvetson is substantially improved positioned than many to know what Elon Musk is meditative with The Boring Company, his plan to build a improved hovel tedious concern, that he combined radically given he was fed adult with sitting in trade in L.A. Though The Boring Co.’s many new headlines have hailed Musk’s ... Read More »

Nikola and Bosch group on powertrain pattern for hydrogen electric long-haul trucks

Nikola Motor Company, a Utah-based association that is operative on building heavy-duty ride trucks regulating hybrid hydrogen-electric powertrains, announced currently that it’s partnering with tellurian automotive attention supply personality Bosch to pattern and build pronounced powertrains. The association also suggested a initial ever picture of a Nikola Two lorry pattern (above), with a smaller, ‘day cab’ character pattern though identical ... Read More »

Lincoln reportedly skeleton to electrify whole lineup by 2022

Ford’s Lincoln oppulance code is looking to margin electrified powertrain options for all of a vehicles by 2022, according to a new Reuters report. That a third vital square of news about an automaker possibly going all-electric or expanding their electric lineup significantly usually today, for those gripping count. Ford’s electric skeleton for Lincoln could be entirely suggested as shortly ... Read More »

Top-end Teslas get cost dump interjection to prolongation improvements

Tesla’s many costly car offerings got a bonus overnight interjection to improvements in a prolongation potency of a 100 kWh batteries that are used in their construction. The discounts operation from $3,500 to $5,000, depending on a model, and embody both a Model S and Model X tip trims. As Electrek reports, a 100D models of both a X and ... Read More »

Aston Martin’s car lineup will be 100% hybrid by a midst 2020s

Another automaker is vowing to spin a whole lineup a small some-more green: Aston Martin told a Financial Times that it’ll offer vehicles exclusively with hybrid and electric cars by a center of subsequent decade. It’s not as brazen a idea as it might’ve seemed even usually a few years ago; Volvo has committed to offered usually hybrid or electric ... Read More »

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