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GPS Devices

Magellan CrossoverGPS

Share This Review: Traditional GPS inclination are good for pushing directions, yet once you’re out from behind a wheel, you’re on your own. And handheld GPS units designed for outside turf are excellent on a trail, yet generally not as useful when we need to transport paved roads from Point A to Point B. That’s not a box with Magellan’s ... Read More »

Mio DigiWalker C230 GPS

Share This Review: Though it shares some of a pitfalls common to bill navigation systems, a $249.95 Mio DigiWalker C230 astounded us with a few facilities we don’t customarily see in low-cost GPS devices—notably, text-to-speech functionality. If we don’t have a lot to spend on a GPS unit—and we can endure a tiny shade and singular underline set—the C230 is ... Read More »

iPAQ 310 Travel Companion GPS

Share This Review: In a tumble of 2006, HP dipped a toe in a GPS marketplace with a navigation-equipped PDA, a iPAQ RX5900 Travel Companion. More than a year later, a association has finally taken a thrust with a initial dedicated GPS device, a $449 iPAQ 310 Travel Companion. Offering a sleek-looking pattern and a beautiful wide-screen display, a iPAQ ... Read More »

Magellan Maestro 5310 GPS

Share This Review: This examination was updated on August, 27, 2008. On Aug 21, 2008, Magellan expelled a firmware refurbish to repair several problems we reported in a initial testing. This refurbish enables faster map scrolling, incomparable superintendence arrows on maps, softened GPS merger time and faster track recalculation. After installing a update, we found that opening softened greatly. The ... Read More »

Asus R700t GPS

Share This Review: The R700t GPS navigation device from Asus offers an array of facilities in an appealing nonetheless unstable package. There are too many glitches, however, to make this a constrained product, generally when there are distant improved options in this heavily jam-packed sector. The R700t comes powered by a 400Mhz Samsung processor and preloaded with Tele Atlas maps. ... Read More »

Cobra XRS 9950 Digital Radar/Laser Detector

Share This Review: Trip-routing GPS inclination have dominated in-car consumer tech coverage for a past few years, though that doesn’t meant a radar detector hasn’t done advances in a interim. Cobra’s XRS 9950 offers adult a consummate 12 bands of scanning, a full 360 degrees of detection, and a tone OLED shade that’s simply entertaining in splendid sunlight. Unfortunately, even ... Read More »

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